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unsolicited notes from the nice folks who've decided on a Briarlea pup

You would be proud of your puppy she is doing great in so many ways.

Her name is Cheezborgah, just close your eyes and imagine John Beluchi yelling Cheezborgah, Cheezborgah, Cheezborgah, it makes you smile, and who doesn’t  likes a Cheezborgah? (“ah” on the end is a Mainer thing)

Not a popular decision with all but most importantly she likes it, it is the word she stops, turns her head and runs to you-she choose it. There is a good story behind the skit, you can watch it.




She has tormented the cat, Harry has hit her a lot but not given the claw yet, it’s only a matter of time before she figures it out-don’t bite Harry, they do play and follow each other around a lot in and out.

Cheezborgah goes to bed on her own-sleeps all night- has forever, she patiently sits and waits for her food; does not gulp it down even leaves some to come back and play with. She likes to yell at the bowl full or empty.

She will outgrow the crate in the next week or so at the rate she is growing.

She goes in and out of her crate-when she is very tired-it is her safe place to sleep

Today she has figured out how to jump, stand, reach=nothing is safe from her teeth-she has to nip everything. Our last dog Novah never chewed-licked everything. She has good paw dexterity and uses her right for touching, grabbing.

Ask to go out >75% of the time. 

Outdoors she explores on her own comes back to the house when she needs to no matter where we are. She is not afraid especially heights; people, pets, saws, motors or equipment no problem. She sits when she sees a moving car or truck and waits for instruction-very smart. She rides well; the truck I removed the back seat she has it all, in the car she has a leash and the back seat.

She has swum a little, the water is high from all the rain, we only have a beach late summer. She loves the sand; she had good fun on the neighbor’s beach running around like a spaz taz. She is mastering the rocks (all bigger than her).

On command she herds the chickens back to the coop and keeps them out of the shop and door yard, stopping and not following them in –not so good about 50%.


Do you have a written list of commands vocal and visual you use?

We have introduced the training table, she goes up-down and gets that it is a place to work.

Other dogs she greets head on ready to play, if they are aggressive she trys to make friends and offers butt. She is never aggressive other than those 2-3 minutes here and there when the puppy Spaz Taz appears, we chase-chew a rope or crate when it’s bad.

She knocked down my 19 month old just walking grandchild but never nipped her and did let her love her.

We don’t leave her out alone especially now as the eagles and osprey have been fishing heavy here.

She is getting her first grooming today.



Solo x Trouble


Back in 2003 we took in Lola because the family where she had been placed in Hernando, MS did not want her.  What a wonderful  & VERY smart dog they missed out on.  Lola has been the love of our life & shared our home, our bed, our car, our love and most of all our hearts.  She has been an extremely smart lady that has been definitely MY DOG!  She comes in the house looking for "me", & following every step, & ALWAYS in eye site of me.  She was the high light of all my visits to the nursing home.  Everyone loved on her & my Mom's first question was always "where is Lola".  She made sure she got lots of love from all the residents & loved every minute of her time there.  She also helped children learn to read as she would lay with her head in their laps as they read to her.   I tell you this because our hearts are very, very heavy tonight.  Lola died this morning of cancer.  We are so lost without her!!!  The only thankful thing is she went very, very quick & did not suffer.  She did everything she could to survive & was a strong fighter to stay with her family that loved her beyond words.  We will always be thankful that Lola made her way to our home to make our house a complete "home".
In time we will look for another Bouvier as they are just "perfect" dogs.  Our first one lived to be 14 yrs old but Lola was only 11-1/2 , but oh those years were packed with so much giving as she will be missed by many, many souls that loved her also.  Lola has filled my / our hearts with so much but also left a hole that no one can fill.  All week long she didn't have much energy so we slept side by side on the floor with anything that made her comfortable.  This morning when I ask if she wanted to go by-by the only strength she had was for her precious ears to perk up & still have a way of telling me lets go Mom!  Each dog we have had, always have their special "way" to dig deep into our hearts, but Lola had just way too many to mention. 
Thank you for breeding such a wonderful lady, with the perfect personality, & the perfect love for our home.  I felt you would want to know what had happened to one of your own babies that grew into the perfect princess with lots to give this world.  Thank you for her line, her strength, her beauty, her brains, & her love that was shared with us & everyone she met where ever she went.


Take care & in Loving Memory of Briarlea Lola,

Becky and Roy


Oh my gosh, am I in love with Mabel!!!  She started puppy class this week and loved it.  She will start obedience class next week.  She is really friendly with all of the people that have come to meet her - even kids on bikes, men on bikes, etc.  The only thing that startles her so far are the garbage trucks and it's not too bad!  The trainer at the puppy class confirmed that everything she is doing is totally age appropriate, which was wonderful to hear.
My 3 girls love her.  She is doing really well with come, sit, down and has been crate training really well. 
I took her for a 2 mile walk on Tuesday and she did awesome.  She didn't even need a break.   
She is absolutely wonderful and is a great addition to our family.
Thank you!

from Solo x Trouble

Thought you might enjoy seeing how Licorice has grown up.  A friend of mine spent a couple of days at the farm practicing with her new camera lens and actually got some pictures of Licorice that are not just the typical blur of moving hair. 
Licorice is a great dog.  She has had no health issues.  She is extremely atheletic.  Her jumping ability constantly amazes people. 
She is naturally very protective of me and the animals on the farm.  She is constantly at my side, helping with whatever is going on. 
The agility course is her favorite thing to do next to her farm duties.  For her third birthday, I am building her an agility course in the backyard of the hospital. 
Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Laura and Licorice  from Urki x Una's last litter




I remember when you first sent Sam to me that you said that you were having a great relationship with him and what a great personality he had. You were right. Thank you so very much for Sam!


This last Sunday was St. Francis’ day when you may know that some churches hold a special Blessing of the Animals, as well as a remembrance of congregants’ animal companions that have passed on. Sam was remembered at services in North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Colorado, Washington, British Columbia and Oregon. That probably doesn’t seem like much compared to Sam’s relatives who compete at shows and trials. But for a companion dog that doesn’t conform to the current stereotype of a ‘friendly’ dog (he definitely was NOT lab-likeJ!), he made some very close friends.


Sam, in fact, had a very simple algorithm he applied to all humans: are they mine? If not, are they threatening my people? If not (99% of the world), don’t care. Really, really, don’t care. And if you were one of ‘his’? Then he would sit close, ready at a moment’s notice to play or ‘go places.’ And if you were one of the ‘scary’ people? Then he would stare at you with the intensity of a large, furry gargoyle.


With dogs, on the other hand, he was more accepting. He’d play with anything from a Chihuahua to a Mastiff. Temperament, age, inclination … just didn’t seem to matter. He could be a bit of pest that way, actually.


I wouldn’t try to tell you he was perfect. But he was mostly well-behaved, and his vet and groomer both loved him. He was protective, but not aggressive. He wasn’t in general territorial – except about the car. Last spring, I left him snoozing in the car on a cool evening while I ran into the grocery store. When I got back, the little clump of cars where I had parked was surrounded by cops and folks were checking their cars for damage. I immediately ran up to check on Sam. Before I got the door unlocked, an older lady told me that a group of boys had been vandalizing and breaking into cars. “But,” she said, “your car is fine. They’d only just slid in the slim jim when some big, black thing jumped up in there.” Sam – my very own Big Black Thing. We had to do some work, though, to convince him he didn’t have to be on permanent auto sentry duty.


He loved to go hiking with me; even just to ride around the logging roads where you can only go 5-10 mph and it was safe for him to hang his head out the window. He would try to herd ANYTHING. He was surprisingly successful with the seagulls – I think they were just too lazy to fly off. The rabbits, however, were a total disaster. (An icy tree had smashed a friend’s hutches.) He was quite good at pointing them out, though, so we could recapture them. He had a major jones for llamas – I usually kept him leashed when we visited a friend’s farm where there were llamas. My friend used to speculate that his mother was bit by a llama when she was pregnant (commentsJ?). Probably didn’t help that her father-in-law didn’t like llamas either and would always egg Sam on. Telling the llamas that they “were just llama steaks to that big boy.” And “you tell ‘em, Sam!”


There’s an outdoor agility setup near us where you can vary the course. I use a cane these days and, while I can walk all day, I don’t do much actual running anymore. But I thought I would walk him through some of the obstacles. Then I tried him going through just on voice. He still stopped sometimes to look back to ask “what next?” But a couple of months ago, he finished one complete course with no stops, voice only. Not fast, but he did it. I was cheering as I called him back. And he was so pleased with himself! As he trotted back, his little tail was wagging so hard he looked like he was doing the Bouvier samba!


I was so utterly shocked that he ate fabric. He never had before, not any non-food stuff except rawhide bones. He had briefly showed interest in the laundry when he was a small pup, but I got after him a couple of times and that stopped. He wasn’t even that destructive a pup. Although I suppose it’s also true that he wasn’t left alone in endless boredom either. As soon as the vet showed me what they took out of Sam and I saw it wasn’t anything I owned, I walked the fenceline and found the place behind the laurels where the neighbors’ Dachsund had dug under the fence again. And where there was still some lycra-wear and a sweat-band buried. Maybe laundry, maybe something on it that Sam liked, I suppose.


Even then, I thought Sam would recover. He had only missed 1 breakfast and 1 dinner when I took him in. But his behavior told me this was something different than just a dog missing a meal or two as they do sometimes. He didn’t want to go for a walk, and he gave a little growl when I first reached for him in his house. No snap, nip, etc. But he hadn’t growled at me in 2 yrs, so I knew something was really off, that he was hurt somewhere. Our regular vet is on maternity leave and it took a bit to convince the sub that I wasn’t just being overanxious (some dogs do miss a day of meals every now and then, after all). But we got the X-Rays. And Sam got the surgery.


And I really thought he would get better after a bit. Dogs do eat things sometimes even if Sam never did. Most dogs recover. And he was such a healthy, tough little guy. But he didn’t get better. It’s still a bit of a shock. And I’m still in the what I should/could have done place, I suppose.


I believe that, as with people, the early start a pup has is very important. Yes, you can overcome a bad start, just as you can squander a good start. But I do know that Sam did not come to me with either behavior or health problems. All I had to do was just keep on going like he started out. These past 2 years were so precious, and the only thing I would have changed is to have more time with Sam.






Cooper is doing well.  He is clearly quite intelligent and rambunctious.  House breaking has been almost effortless.  He has had one accident of each type and while caught in the act been scolded and put outside.  Since he will bark and paw at us, or bark and paw at the kitchen gate to let us know he is ready. 

We have been taking walks, rides to the pet food store (they are claiming him as their visiting mascot) and one evening he, Jasper and I sat on a bench outside of Target while Barb shopped.  Cooper just calmly sat near me and took in all the activity, unlike Jasper who wants to visit everyone.
Today he learned that digging can be fun.  In the five steps it took me to get to him he excavated a couple of quarts of soil at least.
Doesn't seem to be bothered by storms although when the 'dales let out serious barks, he is a bit insecure and comes to my side.

We are trying to find a puppy agility program.
Weighed in at 19# yesterday.  He does very well at the vet, allowing her to examine, give a shot, and clip his nails without complaint, barely fidgeting. 
Kelly (12-year old) is terrified of fireworks; Jasper does not care.  We are dreading the big noises of the 4th and hope to keep Cooper from becoming fearful.  Kelly will be spending time in the basement as she chooses every year and we'll do our best to reassure Cooper if necessary and keep Jasper near for the good example. 
Next time we'll send you a picture of him in a standing profile so you can see his structure.
Best regards,
(Lark's last litter 09)

Hi Sunny -

Good to get your newsy email.  
Juliet is doing just great.  She is learning house rules very easily and goes to the door when she needs out.  Still taking a lot of attention to catch her needs before an accident, but less than I had anticipated.  She is getting into a good routine.  It is all helped a great deal by Jackie, who plays with her a lot and shows her what to do.  Jackie playing with her keeps her out of mischief, no chewing on rugs, etc.  She started on a lead the day after we picked her up and that's now part of her routine.  She has met lots of people and children and lets folks handle her easily.  Juliet is prone to barking a lot at Jackie, mainly to try and engage her when Jackie is ignoring.  We are trying to nip that.
Juliet eats well.  I think she is about 17 pounds or a little less right now.  She was 15 pounds on the 15th.
I am going to try and attach one photo for you.  We will see how it goes.
We are loving her more than you could know.
Carol (Lark's last litter 09)

First biting session on Wednesday with the fleece rag.  She did well - constantly interested and held on.  My hands are full of bite wounds (partly due to aging thinner skin i'm sure).She LOVES water.  I just love that when a dog loves water.  There's a pond about 30 miles from here that i'll be taking her to soon.

After all that "puppy class" stuff we talked about, it turns out my club doesn't want me to do a class like that - the theory being that you don't want your dog to be overtly friendly to other dogs - just neutral.  Geez. So i've got a Sch class with the club on Wed and again on Thursday morning.  I could do puppy tracking here in my area once i understand it more but i have to go to some club sessions first.  Very long drive for  me.

(Lark's last litter 09)

Hi Sunny!
My pup Tory is doing great!  He has fit into a quite busy life very well.  He comes to the office every day with me and gets LOTS of people interaction, including children, and he loves it.
I took him to one of our local Schutzhund clubs (the Southern Tier Schutzhund Club at Foxfire Kennel in Freeville NY) over the weekend... it's not something I had planned on but thought it would be interesting.  He did quite well!  It was a protection session and he exhibited quite a bit of prey drive with the leather bite rag, he wasn't afraid of anything, and he liked watching the other dogs train.  I've never done it before and he is a pet, but maybe I will see how far he could go with it.  He seemed to really enjoy it.  He is also popular though because he is so handsome!
Afterwards we went to the lake and he went for his first boat ride, which he also seemed to thoroughly enjoy.  He had a booster this morning and he does seem to be more pain sensitive than the other 2 bouviers i had, but he is just a great dog so far.  I will try to get you more pictures and will be sure to keep you up to date on his progress.
Kirk (Lark's last litter 09)

Hi Sunny,

 Wanted to give you an update on Antara (12 years old, Una's mother) She had a mammary gland tumor and a couple unknown tumors on a front leg removed last Friday with stitches scheduled to be removed next week.  She’s recovering well from the surgeries and insists on running around and climbing stairs as if nothing had happened –   She had a complete set of blood/urine tests in May and everything is in the normal range.

 She’s not as young as she used to be, but she still bounces like she’s on some sort of pogo stick when it’s time to eat and she chases (but gets distracted easily so doesn’t catch them) rabbits in the yard. She still has one cat and a small(ish) dog at home and gets along with both. She likes to go for walks and rides in the car and she loves to sleep sprawled across the bed. She still hates loud noises (gunshots from distant hunters, fireworks, baseballs hitting the garage door and thunder) and going outside in the rain.




Tory arrived in excellent condition!  He is a VERY confident and well
adjusted pup!  Not afraid at all and very active....you did a great job:-)

I'll keep you up to date on him and will send you pictures!

(Lark's last litter 09)

Hi Sunny,

I just wanted to send you an update as to how Bear is doing after the adoption – he is doing Great.  He has been in training and he passed the AKC Obedience test. 25 points out of 25 points. Highest in the class. We have been continuing training. Working on his off leash obedience and not jumping at another dog. He still has issues around this if the dog is not a member of the class.  If the dog is a member of the class he does not bother them. He does well with obstacles – running in the tunnel – jumping hurdles – crossing tracks – tight roping rails etc. We have been doing this urban training kind of as well, we go into the city kind of Downtown Chicago where there are more distractions than Carter has Liver pills – smile-  Multiple dogs and breeds- people all over the place in the park – we practice walking down the main streets – passed bars and boutiques, pass other dogs . Bear does well. In his class we have a Black Russian Terrier that looks like a Bouvier, Cain Corso’s, a Doberman, American Bulldogs, a Pit Bull and others.

 Bear at home gets along well with our Siberian Husky- (Chloe) they are best buds, and the cat is still alive – smile- Bear and the cat tolerate each other. Since the training Bear is doing much better.  I just wanted to keep you posted on how well he is doing; I still say those people were crazy giving him up. If they ever contact you let them know Bear is doing fantastic.  I saw you are having a working class competition in the fall in Wisconsin – we may come up to watch if that is okay.


Hi Sunny,

It's been awhile since we've been in touch, so I just wanted to say hello and let you know Mr. Candy-B, at 7 years 4 months, continues to be a very happy and healthy little guy (though not so little at 109 lbs).  He is our dear friend, constant companion, and such a joy to us in everyway..  We just returned from our 2nd cross country trip to Maine with the candy-b, and you were absolutely right-on about his adaptability.  He is so good to travel with (if you don't mind him sitting on the console between the seats all the way and having to hold his head up).  We make him a comfortable perch and he watches all the traffic and roadside signs for the rest area ones, which I swear he does identify.  He adjusts easily to anything as long as he's with us, is great with other dogs, all people, and especially children, and has a terrific sense of humor.  Just cracks everyone up, and is much loved by all who know him.  He still (and always) loves to swim, and the only thing he enjoys more than backpacking is lying on the couch napping!
One funny story is we stopped at Niagara Falls on the way out, and forget the falls!  Other visitors, mostly from Asia, just went nuts over Candy.  Everyone wanted their picture taken with him...the kids, the grandmas, the families, then us in the picture with him...  It was hilarious.  We were there for over an hour, and Mr. Candy-B, of course, was completely accomodating...smiling, posing, etc.  Susan kept trying to tell them he's not a wild animal, but I guess they didn't care because he's so big.  I think they thought he was a bear or something.  He is often mistaken for a bear up here in the mountains, and knows it as he will sometimes "show-off" by huffing and popping up and down on his spring-like legs when cars slow down to look at him. 
So, thank you again, and never enough, for this great light in our lives.
We hope you (and all of Mr. Candy-B's relatives ) are happy and healthy.
Hi Sunny, "that's alot of Dog" Joe remarked, as did someone else watching Magnus work the three sheep.  I think Carolyn mentioned Magnus is maturing into what I call the "everything you can do I can do better" stage with other dogs.  There was some unsettling behavior by a few Huskies last time we were at our favorite dog park, and Magnus pinned one who was sniping at him, but Magnus was also raising the level of growls and jumping together with a mostly passive large male Malamute, and then he ran a submissive smaller dog to the ground.  All of that within about 5 minutes, and that was enough for Carolyn who said "that's it we're leaving"   So we went out to Joe's to see how he behaved with other dogs out there.  He was very good, but he'll occasionally mouth some of the smaller dogs as if he was trying to either dominate or motivate them to play back.   So Joe mentioned how important it is for dogs to learn and exhibit could playground manners.  And Magnus responds so well to correction without any fight back, he learns and incorporates quickly.   We are going back to Ewe-Topia sunday and Joe will help us reinforce the come command with Magnus.  As you may know Joe employs the rock bottle method,  where several people are in a paddock area with their plastic bottle with some rocks inside, and one of us walks in with Magnus and lets him roam off, call him with our happy voice to come and if he doesn't mind the people lob the bottles towards him and he soon realizes where the safe place is and comes.  He learned so well the first time I've been able to walk him off leash around our low low no traffic neighborhood and hold his attention with a command and a shake of the rock bottle to interrupt his wandering attention.   Sunday we're going to go into a larger area at Joe's where he'll have a few rock bottles and pitch 'em at Magnus if he doesn't immediately return on our come command.   So that's about all the input to date from Joe, and we'll keep you posted about any new developments.  As one of our neighbors mentioned to Carolyn while out walking with him  "not everyone gets to walk their own bear"  It's a sunny day here so I'd better turn to and clear some stuff away so the builders can access the area tomorrow.  Cheers, Larry


Hi Sunny,

Hope everything is going well with you!  We've been ramping up training a bit getting Nikkou in top shape for his new job--finding the remains of Larkie Toups who has been missing over a year in a neighborhood you wouldn't even send your worst enemy into.  Good news... he's doing awesome (though spoiled SOOO bad!), we have loads of escorts--with guns, and the area to work, as far as we know so far, is fairly small as these things go.  My guesstimate is about two acres, maybe three.  He's also the exclusive search dog for this and gets to work it to resolution.    I'm counting that as good, but it's a bit of pressure as well.  I really like that he gets to work it as long as it takes to find the remains and get some closure for the family (and hopefully prosecution for the guys who murdered the victim.)  He's the 7th dog to work this, but they didn't get as much time.  We're having excellent cooperation with Bogalusa PD and with our new Sheriff as well.  WOOHOO!!!
This will be the first time since the find we made on the 16 year old boy that they have used any dogs other than the ones trained at the prison in this "county" OR that there has been any inter-departmental cooperation on an investigation like this.  I'm just crossing my fingers and sweating dog treats that Nikkou will do what I'm expecting him to!  From all indications and preliminary work at the scene so far we're really confident--not so much in our own abilities, but definitely in his and in his awesome drive.  Just WOW.
Comet is doing great, as always.  He's such a hoot, and just gorgeous.  Very willing to work, incredibly confident, loving, awesome with kids, doing great on scent training, working hard to not eat like a little hog :), and always willing to please.  Well, almost... he is a Bouvier.  He is getting BIG.  27.5 at the hip the other day.  I thought he was just getting fluffy, but he had started bumping under the table so we measured.  He had finally learned to duck so he wouldn't bump his head, now his booty is bumping... maybe we can put the table up on blocks since it's his favorite place to lay. :)  We suspect he may become an excellent cadaver dog since he has such an awesome nose and love for all things stinky.  I won't EVEN send you a picture of how he scents on an article!  Ugh!  Beautiful fluffy head fully stuffed in a gallon ziplock bag with all that nastiness, sucking in the scent like it's some awesome tropicana rose in there.  Ugh!  To think that's the same head I pet and kiss that he'd stuff in that nasty bag!!!!  (He did find the cadaver though--with gusto of course!)  He does everything with gusto and nothing with guilt.  Teddy bear eyes and a look of pure innocence do a lot for him.  Doesn't hurt that he's all about having fun and very sweet natured (except when he's being protective.)
Sorry for being so long-winded but it seems we've been out of touch for a while.
Below is one of the articles on the missing man.  Kind of odd that his name is so similar to Nikkou's mom's.  I'm so hoping he can find him.

Hello Sunny
We're doing fine. Ceilidh is doing fine. We still have a match of wills
occasionally. She complies in the usual training environment. However, when
she's off-leash occasionally she feels spirited and will intentionally
ignore me in a very playful way. I'm working on this and as a result she is
finding herself tied more often than not.

We had a wonderful 2 week vacation. Our dog sitters emailed us and asked if
they could keep Ceilidh another week (rather than kennel her for the last
week). Both dog and sitting family had a great time. I'm hoping that there
enthusiasm continues for future dog-sitting needs.

We're going camping next week. Our intention is to follow the headwaters of
the Mississippi through MN. We'll camp for a couple of days at Itasca and
explore. Ceilidh is coming along. I think that she'll have a good time.

Ceilidh has grown a fair bit over the summer. I'm sure you'll find the same
with Birdie when she returns. Ceilidh is also starting to have a more
prominent brown coloring. This shows especially when she stand in front of
the light. Would this be a possible color change in her coat?

I'm looking forward to agility tonight. Ceilidh has shown a lot of
enthusiasm for the little bit of agility that she has done with Alice Howe.
I hope that her enthusiasm continues.

Take care Adrian


Hi Sunny!
Happy 3rd Birthday to Nikkou's littermates!  Seems like the time has just zoomed by for us.  You matched us *perfectly*, both as companions and as working partners.  So much that I could swear sometimes he reads my mind.  (Makes it really hard to set up training exercises for him because he knows how I think!)
Mike laid claim on Comet right away--at the airport actually--or says Comet claimed him, and they are as perfect together as Nikkou & I.  Since you didn't know Axle personally I'm not sure how you pulled that off!  Mike says Comet has so many similarities to Axle, but without the "defects" for lack of a better word... and he's a Bouv instead of a GSD.  After getting Nikkou Mike had decided Bouvs were actually better working dogs than GSD's, though that was HIS breed always.  People that know him are still freaking out about him not having Shepherd's anymore.  lol  He says Bouvs aren't really dogs... maybe they're the missing link because they're so darn smart.
His Honor is scratching at the door, so I guess I should let him in and give him a birthday treat.
Take care,

Lark pups


Hey Sunny,

I got the AKC papers today, thanks.  Licorice is doing GREAT!    We are having a blast.  She has gained 3 pounds in her first week.  She got her second vaccination last night and got microchipped.  She has come blasting out of her shell and is VERY busy. 
 She has helped with the farrier this week, graduated to laying by my desk in the hospitals, and is practicing her latent herding talents on the cats and wild turkeys.  Neither of these groups particularly appreciates her efforts, but she is enthusiastic.  We are practicing walking on a leash even if puppy and human have different ideas about which direction they are going.  She does not hesitate to voice her opinion. 
I will send more pictures when she slows down enough to get one that is not blurry. 
Take care,
Laura and Licorice

Urki x Una 3/09

Hi Sunny,

Well it is getting close to you heading for Wisconsin.  I hope your stay in New Mexico was pleasant and restful.  I gave your website address the girl who grooms my dogs.  She has a client with a bouvier that is getting very old and is thinking about getting a new one.  Lisa, my groomer, knows how much I respect you as a person and a breeder.  I hope when the time comes for this gentleman he will get in touch with you.  Have a safe trip home.


Tarzan x Alta 3/09

 Hope this finds you and your family (both two- and four- footed) well.  I just had a quick question about Bouvier growth.  Our Anouk is now  9 mo. old and she just weighed in at 70 lbs on the dot.  She's about 25 1/2 " at the withers but I'm very bad at measuring.  The vet said that while she had plenty more development left she's pretty much topped out in terms of height and weight. I know Bouviers take time to mature and was wondering if the vet was right (although with these numbers, Anouk seems to be completely average for a female Bouvier).I've read some anecdotal information that said Bouv's will continue to grow, albeit very slowly, until maturity at somewhere around age 2 or 3.

Her puppyhood is rolling along great.  The coat and beard do require some maintenance but we've gotten into a routine.  I kind of like that she's a little stubborn and pushy - matches the personalities in the house.  She knows her place however and is very well behaved.  I can see how in the hands of a competent professional these dogs can be trained to do pretty much anything.  The one thing that has really surprised us is how sweet she is.  While she's a little aloof around human strangers on the street she loves having visitors and showers them with attention and affection.  And she absolutely loves all other dogs.  She always has to say hi and offer to play with an adorable wiggle.  Neither my wife nor I think we could have gotten a better dog.  We couldn't be happier.

schwartzi x alta 5/08

Hi Sunny!
Well, Sam is a darling of a dog, if I may say so. Eager, good-tempered and with an excellent memory. And I just love him to pieces.
We've been doing rather well, I think.
He's highly motivated by play and praise, rather than treats, for training. So much so that when I thought I'd try clicker training with him, he completely missed the point & was more interested in the noisy "toy" in my hand than he was in any association with a "reward". We went back to voice approval & hand signs; and he sailed through his basic obedience work (he's had 2 courses; I haven't decided what we might do next).
BTW I also took him for a while to arranged "playtimes" to let him try out his doggy social skills (I still do this sometimes, especially - since it's indoors - if we're drowning in mud here). He does very well - and adapts his play style to his playmates. Although he is definitely a rough-n-tumble dog & if allowed, he prefers dogs that play hard and fast. In fact, that was the most important part of the obedience classes he's had - he's very easy to work with, and not easily distracted. With one exception - he views all dogs & children as playmates, so that's the distraction that you need to manufacture for him.
I've tried him on a puppy agility course & he was relatively good at it - not sharp, but good and repeatable. He seems to take to the more intellectual "figure it out"/"find it" games as well. Although scent-work is definitely not his forte.
Outside, I will note that he has a high prey drive - he does something I've never seen a herding-type dog do. He stalks squirrels. I don't mean that he chases squirrels, like all dogs will. I mean he *stalks* them - actively hunts - almost like a cat. He'll lay up under the deck bench, and creep up on them through the bushes. He's actually caught/killed a squirrel. Which I found to be an unusual event for his age. This is not a complaint from me, BTW, if he wants to wage a squirrel war, it's fine with me - we've got too many of the things as it is. Although I wouldn't let him keep the carcass - now that ticked Sam off! - squirrels have an amazing number of diseases and parasites.
We did have one bad thing happen, though, when Sam was on his last "go out" of the evening when he was 6 mo. He cornered a (large) raccoon. Which was definitely a bigger/meaner target than he could handle. And he was too inexperienced to know to leave it alone. Fortunately the coon got away before he did too much damage to Sam - just a few scratches and 1 stitch needed under an eye. No scarring even & he - thankfully - had had his rabies vac already. Ever since, he's restricted himself to "alerting" on wildlife, but not ambushing them. Well, except for the squirrels.
Oddly enough, for a dog that seems to want to do a little hunting, he has a very friendly relationship inside the house with my parrots. Not that I'd ever let them all free in the house at the same time (I'm not that trusting!). He's good friends w/ my Pionus Murphy (seriously!), which is amazing also in that Murphy is generally a grump and not too friendly with anyone. But Sam likes to lay down and chew his squeaky toy under Murphy's house. And Murphy happily echoes every squeak and sigh. More amazingly, Sam will sit beside Murphy's house and the 2 them go nose-to-nose, with neither one trying to bite or intimidate the other. Sam's relationship with Lida, my African Grey is far different. She's been dominant over him from Day One - when she scared him so bad, he actually fell over. He's put his nose up to her house, too. Whereupon she took a bite out of it. He has not repeated the experiment. Although she will call him over to her house so that she can thow cage trash at him (he hasn't seemed to learn that he doesn't have to "come" when Lida calls:-)!). Can you say sibling rivalry?
You might want to know that his hips look very good - I had them X-rayed when he was neutered. I know that doesn't really count until he's older, but he was showing extreme reluctance to tackle long sets of stairs & I wanted to make sure that there wasn't a physical basis for the problem There wasn't. I suspect it's more that I was on crutches for so long when I first got him & really didn't like/was nervous of the long flight of stairs in my house - and he's picked up/retained that feeling.
So that's Sam. He's friendly when introduced, knows where home is & warns you about visitors, loves to play hard & go on car rides, snores when he falls asleep on his back with his head hanging off "his" end of the couch, jumps (& sits!) in mud puddles, and, though he can be quite good on his own, really prefers it if he can tag along, thank you very much!
Thank you for giving him such a great start!

schwartzi x alta  4/08

   Hi Sunny:    It is Happy Birthday Willow day!!!!   I thought I would drop you a note and let you know how as I call her now Miss Sassy Pants Willow is doing...   She is just a hoot,  we went through the teenage years which we did by going thru the Alpha Academy as little Miss Sassy Pants went thru a terrible stage of dominance thinking that she should be in charge  but we got thru that ok and she now found the happy medium between fearful and being dominant.  And I have to admit that she had one huge bag of tricks she kept digging into trying to find anything that would work to make her the leader, I have seen lots of things but I tell you some of the things she pulled I have to give her credit for digging deep. 
And Willow is not shy about telling you exactly what she is thinking and maybe in her opinion what she thinks you should be doing.  She is extremely vocal which gives her so much character, when you tell her to do something and she is really feeling at that moment she doesn't want to she will gripe about it but will get it done but you hear about it no doubt.  But I think that comes from being so smart.  Willow is a very smart girl.  The one thing I found with her as we went through the obedience classes is once she learns it she's got and wants something new to learn.  I found this out the hard way when we were in class and she just didn't want to do it again, she threw herself on the floor rolled on her back kicked her legs and whined and cried, she had a REAL temper tantrum right there in the middle of the floor!!!!.  So now I am always teaching her something new, just things around the house to do, she is now learning how to dust with one of those dusters, she loves to do chores, as I mentioned before, she sorts laundry, gathers it up puts it in the appropriate baskets, when I ask for jeans she hands me jeans, shirts when I ask shirts, socks when I ask for socks, and so on.   I will hand her something and tell her to go put on the chair for me to take care of later.  She takes things out of the fridge for me I open the drawer in the fridge she puts them back, if you open the fridge and ask her to get you a water she does,  unloads my grocery bags for me by handing me all the items, just all kinds of things.   I will be testing her shortly for Good Canine Citizenship as I want to take her on to become a Therapy Dog for Children.  As by chance we were with a group of children and one of them had autism (sp) and the difference in Willow's behavior with that child vs. the other children was AMAZING, so she has decided for herself that that is for her.    I think she will do very well!!!!    Willow is just amazing, she is full of so much character, I just love her dearly!!!!!!!!!!   Thank You so much !!!!   Lona


Hi Sunny:  I just thought I would being you up to date on Willow.   She is now registered,  did you get a copy, I can't remember if you get a copy or not.    She is doing very well!!!!!  She is just a hoot with all of her comments back at you on what she thinks.   We have completed 2 classes.  We started our 3 class on Sunday, this one we will test for the Good Citizenship at the end, I think she will pass it with flying colors. She loves to learn and be challenged with new things that are more difficult then the standard sit and down, so outside of class her and I work on other stuff.

  She has learned and loves to help with laundry.  I will ask her, ok do you want to help with laundry and she heads over to the laundry basket, we go down to the laundry room I put the basket down, and I will ask her to give me the socks, the shirts , the pants, she knows each piece of laundry and will hand me which ever one I ask for.  When its time to fold and put laundry away I will then give her a piece, open the drawer where is goes and she will puts it in the drawer for me.  She also has to have her own piece to carry upstairs when its time to put away.  I put the underwear and socks on a drying rack, and when they are dry I will ask her to go and get me all the socks, so one by one she brings me all the dry socks and drops them in the laundry basket, and then she goes and gets all the underwear for me to fold and then she puts them in the basket for me.  This is the stuff she loves to learn and do.   But of course she knows all your basics also
  She really is growing, she is 71 pounds now.  Overall she is Wonderful, she just has a little to much attachment to me, but we are working on its ok for me to leave,  I will come back. 
Thanks again so much for her, I love her!!!!!!

schwartzi x alta  4/08

Hi Sunny,

Batou and we have adjusted to each other's presence and schedule in a couple of days. He is a great puppy. Fearless little thing. Naga wants to show that he's boss, but Batou is not giving up easily. Batou is very responsive once we've established that I'm alpha. It'd be fun going through training with him.

We also discovered that Batou likes dance club-ish music, and he likes it fairly loud. When he's in the crate, he complains, loudly, if the music is off, or even of the wrong kind. He was quiet with Jamaican or Bollywood dance type, but rejected some nice Brazilian music. We figured that he likes the heavy beat, so we tried the Japanese Koto drum CD on him, it appeared to be quite acceptable too.

Batou is growing almost half a pound a day. I'm sure glad that he's learning to handle the stairs because I won't be able to carry him up and down much longer! He walked up a short flight of stairs all by himself today (fell back midway once, but he was determined, and hopped up to the top like a bunny the second time).

That's it for now. I hope Batou's brothers and sisters are doing well too!

Best Regards,

schwartzi x lark 4/08

Hi Sunny, 

We thought about you when we heard about the terrible weather in the Midwest that started about the time you started your journey home to Wisconsin.  I hope everything went well for you and your family, human and animal, and that you’re somewhat settled in.  

Magnus is a wonderful, full of life, puppy.  A couple of times a day he goes through what I like to call his intense “jaws” periods which is challenging….sometimes it’s really hard to find something for him to go after besides our pants legs, ankles, feet.  So far we’ve had only 2 accidents so we think we humans are doing a pretty good job.  He’s confident with people, was great during his physical exam at our local vet.  Dr. Kirby told us we have a great dog….we knew that.

Thank you so much for the toy gifts and gift certificate for him!  That was so very nice of you!  Cory brought them by with some food samples.  Yesterday we went up to her store.  We decided to feed Magnus Wellness for the time being.  We’re looking at some organic alternatives…not sure it’s that important since McCuil did so well on Precise which was hormone and preservative free, but not organic.  Paul Newman markets some organic dog food—I like his practice of donating profits to progressive causes.  But for now he seems to be doing well on Wellness.

Larry & I take turns sleeping with him in the downstairs bedroom.  We decided it would just be too hazardous to have him upstairs (ladder stairs) and have to navigate those stairs in the middle of the night when he needs to go out.  We’re both happy when it’s the other person’s turn J

With the exception of night bedtime we have yet to confine him in a puppy pen.  We just take turns watching him like a hawk.  And, of course we play outside with him in his puppy yard and take other excusions around the property.  He seems to like digging…I try to make sure he doesn’t have the opportunity…except on the beach…that all replaces itself.  I think we’ll using the puppy pen soon though.  It’s very difficult to get anything done while keeping a careful eye on him—let alone get away without him.

Tomorrow we go for ear cropping.  We’re going to get a smaller wire crate for him to be in during out trip (the large one we have doesn’t fit in any vehicle we have now.  Up until now, in the car he has sat in the soft crate we used on the plane—on my lap, secured with a seatbelt—with the top open.  That has worked on short rides, but I think it will be important for him to have a decent sized crate to travel the several hour trip up to BC.  

We’ve located what we think is a good puppy trainer who is holding a class in late April.  In the meantime we’re working on his treat-lured “come”, “sit” & “down”.

Well I’m on puppy patrol now, so will close.

Lovin’ that guy,


P.S.  Feel free to give us advice if anything we tell you makes you roll your eyes or shudder.  We’re wanting to do what’s best for this guy, and I know there’s a lot to learn from you.

schwartzi x lark 3/08

Hi Sunny,
  He IS smart...and agile, and busy, and confident, and lots of things... besides SO
cute!  He claimed a spot on Mike's side of the bed last night after doing the
"Nikkou howl" in the crate.  All the dogs had just been watching him, but when he
started crying suddenly I was the evil one who made the baby cry!
  He seems very happy today attacking toys, the bedspread, my feet :) , and anything
else that catches his attention and is not messing with his ears.  Maybe they got
tickly inside from the pressure change on the flight & that started the
scratching???  Mike saved his bone in the fridge & he's got some "Healthy Edibles"
teething bones that smell like chicken which are driving all the other dogs nuts.
He loves Mike's shoes too!  (Nikkou did too--actually got the old ones when Mike
was done with them.)
  This is going to be a fun pup.  He doesn't want to drink from the small water
bowl, though he's really too small for the big one.  Also doesn't want to be put
in the crate, but if I open the door he'll come out and go back in.  Apparently
it's fine as long as it's his idea.  Oh boy!!!

schwartzi x lark 3/08

Dear Sunny,
You may not remember me, but over 11 years ago you sold my family a male puppy.
His mother was Blondie, if I remember right. He didn’t have the personality for
the show ring so he was marketed as a companion dog. We picked him up at the
Chamber office in Stillwater.
  Chewbacca, or “Chewie”, passed away yesterday. He had a slipped disc in his back,
was barely able to stand and could no longer control his bladder. It was difficult
to judge how much pain he was in. It was a heart-wrenching decision to put him to
sleep. He was my constant companion and is being mourned by many people who knew
him. And, I never thought I could even miss a person this badly.
  Chewie had a very good life. Except for work hours, he rarely left my side. We
socialized him at every opportunity and trained him at a young age. My daughter
won a blue ribbon at the county fair in obedience with him. He was utterly
trustworthy, especially with young children. The smaller the child, the more
careful he was with them. He always was a source of pride and affection.
  I thought you might like to know.
  Best regards,


Dear Sunny:
On June 13th, Clara was 2 years old.  She now knows how to play golf with a two year old grandson (she is 2 months older than Vaughn) and she wins.  She always gets the ball often even before it has been played.  She also knows how to play soccer and only touches the ball with her teeth (no hands allowed).  She loves tea parties on the patio and can lick the little cups with finess - and very daintily takes the crackers from the 4 year old granddaughter's hands w/o leaving a trace of spit.
On the "sporting side" Clara keeps the squirrels on their toes and can out think their jumps.  She still hasn't learned that black and white (bad kitties) are really skunks, but gets sprayed less and less with each encounter.  Raccoons and possums can sneak by the bedroom door in silence, but Clara can detect every move they make, especially between 2 and 4 a.m.  She frightens them by throwing herself (all 80 pounds) at the sliding glass door.  If that doesn't work, she jumps up and down on the bed (Master suite) until I go outside and have a talk with her opponents.
My life would be very boring w/o Clara Gloria.  Thanks.  Hilda

Blitz x Z


I hope all is well with you and your family.  I thought I’d let you know that Buckley has been an absolute blast and we love him dearly.  Our little fireplug has boundless energy and is constantly getting his fur full of prickers.  Thus far he has not taken to swimming much, preferring to watch from shore as we frolic in the water with Dexter.  Buckley’s fur is quite dense, much more so than that of Dexter which makes it difficult to rid him of the detritus. 

I’ve enclosed an action shot of Dexter leaping off our raft in an attempt to catch Ryan who is already underwater. 


Schwartzi x Alta

I hope you remember Hudson and me! He is 92 lbs, turned 4 on July 10 and is the absolute joy of my life. He is so funny, sweet, sneaky, spoiled, loving....I could go on and on! What a fantastic dog he's turned in to. Everyone that meets him is amazed at how gentle and sweet he is! He lets children hug all over him as he stands perfectly still! My neighbors love him. Needless to say, he gets so much attention! And he's a real beauty. I'll send a better picture so you can see his beautiful coat.

Hi Sunny,
It's hard to believe but Stryker turned two today. This afternoon I took him to Petsmart, he got to pick out a treat and a toy (he's not a very efficient shopper as he had to look at and smell everything) but he managed to find a couple things to his satisfaction. He was also very patient letting all the other shoppers pet him and try to get him to do tricks. He has a new favorite game for which he has earned the nickname of "soccer boy". He is nuts about playing and very proud when he can block a shot.
We are off to an AKC agility trial this weekend....keep happy thoughts for us ;-)
Here are a few pictures of soccer boy in action!
Betsy and Stryker

Toby x Ro

Things are going well.  Landry is started to fit in with the older dogs, and they seem to have accepted her and will actually play with her every now and again.  We are working on housebreaking, but I have a feeling that I will say that again in the future.  For a puppy, we are continually amazed at how calm and snuggly she is.  She is growing like a weed or at least it seems like that to me everytime I pick her up.  Yesterday she weighed 17lbs. (the bigger Rat Terrier weighs 18), so pretty soon she will surpass the two littler ones. 

Thought you'd like to know that SophieRose (SR) is doing well.  She
is getting more "rambunctious" as she feels more comfortable here and
she is getting more ambitious about exploring.  The bitter apple has
been useful (she loves computer cords).

She went over to sheep with me yesterday and walked part of the front
pasture with the border collies...and discovered the delights of
sheep poop!

Today she helped me with water for the sheep--she loves water--and
then there was a small local trial that i took Tess to for one run
and just to see people.  SR came with me of course and met lots of
people + spending about an hour over lunch up at the house making
friends with lots of people and one kid.  The general consensus is
that she is "adorable" and very stable and sensible.

And, my friend Tracey actually competed with her Aussie against Lark
at the ASCA cattle ranch dog trial and lost to Lark by 1 point.
Tracey told me that she was really impressed with how Lark worked and
that (besides Kaz of course), that Lark was the only bouvier she'd
ever seen that she'd want for stock work!

Thought you'd like to know that!


Schwartzi x Lark

Good Morning Sunny:
    I just thought I would let you know that Willow has graduated Puppy Class!!!!!!   We will start Intermediate Class in January.   She loves going to class!!!!    She is just a hoot, and oh so smart!!!!!   She is now chipped so I have filled out her registration papers which include the chip #.      Have a wonderful holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Lona

I was surfing Bouvier sites and pictures and of course eventually found
your site. We purchased our  male Bouvier - Mishko from you in
the spring of 1997. He is now almost eleven and healthy
except for arthritis in his hips.
In addition to basic and advanced obedience training as a pup he breezed
through Therapy Dog certification at about 2 years old. 
If you have advice or any sources of information for keeping a bouvier
healthy and around for as long as possible I would appreciate your
sharing it with us.
Merry Christmas and thanks for a Great Dog!



Blondie pup

   From California:

 Sydney is doing just fine and so am I. We just got back from getting
 her last shots. She weighs 26 lbs. and is still full of beans. Here
 is her resume of skills:
 *retrieves a ball or other toy (she did this the 3rd day she was here)
 *bites very well,full mouth and doesn't let go....very good
 *very nice temperment, sweet, fun loving and attentive. She's always
 looking at you.
 *Very smart
 *knows sit, don't touch, come, play. Still working on platz and stay
 * loves to play in her big water bowl
 *very inquisitive, not shy or aggressive in any way

 In a few days I'll be able to take her out and start working in the
 field and more on leash.

 Great dog


Nick x Ro

   Briarlea Ultra Ajax...a letter on his 4th birthday :)

Well, we are biased, but I think he is quintessential, more than the other two I've had and more than many I've met.  He is a thinker.  He is extremely good at obedience, (and he is obedient) and has a wide range of commands he knows.  He is aware of every aspect of his surroundings and knows when anything is out of place.  He must check it out.  He is the ultimate guardian, and keeps an eye on the whole neighborhood, and lets us know what is up.  He sometimes goes overboard with that, but we have a "neighbors" command and he stops as soon as he hears that and often gets rewarded for that.  He knows who he knows and he knows who is a stranger.  He loves the men who have done renovations on our house and can distinguish between the 12 or so who have been here regularly and any newcomers, who he is leery about and doesn't want to let in the gate...but once introduced, he is fine, if watchful.  He is great with all house guests..funny, and interested and presents his guests with slobbered-on teddys, with his hind-end wiggling a mile a minute.  He has grown much more affectionate as he has gotten older.  He has a sense of humor, smiles a lot and also totally knows when he has overstepped bounds (carried something around that shouldn't be (like a pair of my pants, or "illegally" brought something outside that belongs inside, like my yoga mat).  I say "What is THAT?!" and he is totally remorseful, but with a sense of humor about it.  He carries everything around.  He goes and gets the newspaper every day at the end of the driveway and picks it up and brings it through the gate into the house and to the person who is in the kitchen at that moment.  He "reorganizes" our woodpile regularly, he carries shoes to us in the living room when he wants to go outside, he has his original stuffed animals which still squeak, and he plays them like an instrument.  He is VERY playful, still like a little puppy.
He adores agility and runs the courses without me, after he knows what is up.  I am definitely the weak part of the team.  We have worked with a trainer regularly for that, but have take about six months off lately.
He comes immediately when he is called.  In general, he is impeccable with recall.  All the early training paid off.  He loves to foos and he loves to track, we still track.  His nose is excellent and he uses it.  He tracks us, he tracks animals, he tracks any new set of tracks in the yard.  I can command him to head in a direction with a hand motion...He would be great in the ring with the decoy blinds, and he would listen to me and go where directed.  I'd love to see that sometime.  He actually listens to my every movement, literally, I have to be careful what I am thinking and feeling around him.  We had to work on that a lot in agility, I had to be very precise with my shoulders, etc.


He is big. In fact, we mostly call him that: Big.   "Big, Here."  Or "Big, go find Nancy."  Etc.  He has finally filled out this year, but is still lanky and lean.  We still feed our homemade food--the formula developed by nutritionist vet.  Seems to work well for him.  We'll have bloodwork done this month to make sure all is well and his annual physical.
He is game for anything, He will go in a sailboat, a canoe, a motor boat, a train, up ramps, up metal-grate stairs, over rope bridges that we have here over rivers in the nearby national forest...he is very confident.
He is male dog aggressive due to things older males did to him during a critical development time.  We regret that, but have worked with a trainer to get him to be relaxed, in general, around other dogs, but he is dominant and wants them to behave...and not be out of control.  If they are like that, he is fine.
That's Ultra Ajax in a rambling nutshell.  Have checked your website regularly, all seems great with you!

Sunny, I just received the pillow and I am very pleased.  I think it looks better than the  painting.  I am amazed that it can be transposed into thread so accurately.  The texture of the weaving adds to the subject matter making it warmer.  I think Rocket is a striking dog.   I wanted to tell you thanks for the pillow and of course, Otis.  I am smitten by this pup. He is so loving and courageous. I find that he is a constant source of joy.  Amos has taken to him as well, and the two are inseparable. This was what I had envisioned when I thought of having two bouviers. So thanks for all your efforts.  You have changed our lives for the better by allowing us to have these two pups. 

Thanks again,

Just to let you know our Louie is closing in on 14 year of age and still hanging in there.  What a great family member he has been.  He still likes to walk down to the lake at our cabin near Annandale.  Bubba is absolutely the most lovable dog ever.  He enjoys being in peoples company so much and has a really fun attitude.  He has a lot of personality and is always wanting to go wherever we go.
Thanks so much from the Beithons,
John and Pat

Just have to brag a little about our wonderful dog.  He passed both legs of his Herding Capability Test -AHBA.  We did the herding clinic with Bob Vest - Wed., Thursday, and Friday.  Both Bob and JoAnna were talking about what a classy dog he is, and the fact that he is going to be a "classy" herding dog.  His only problem is that his handler doesn't always know what is going on.  There is a AKC trial at the end of June, and will have to see if JoAnna thinks that I should have him in that.  Bob, did keep telling me that I need to change his name, as it didn't have enough "ring" to it. Tuesday night, was also, our first agility lesson.    We did the walk, just off the ground, but he walked right across, and did very well when he got to the bottom.  Did the circle jump - no trouble at all.  Did the weave poles with no problems.  Then we did the tunnel.  Now, they had it pushed together, so you could see right thru it - 2 1/2 - 3 feet long.  I pulled with this leash, Pete pushed his butt.  Rytar planted his feet, and wasn't going through for love or money.  We finally won, and he was through.  That was the first time, after that, no problem, and he was going through like a pro.  I was proud of him
You did a wonderful job picking him out for me.  Thank you again.

in Mn (Toby x Ro)

Winning hearts and terrorizing toys!  This is the absolute sweetest, best behaved, smartest dog I've ever had.  And he's quick to figure out when you're trying to trick him--like "You go in the fence, but not me."  None of that for this little guy.  (Yet!)  His feet are bigger than Casey's and almost as big as Axle's already.  He's very alert (except when he's asleep), doesn't miss ANYTHING, very curious... and best of all, keeps that little nose busy constantly.  He's good with the cats too, but does have a limit on tolerating those who decide to hiss at him unprovoked.  A good "Woof! Woof!" and they decide to go hiss elsewhere.  (Except Square Pants, who seems to like playing with him--at a safe distance.)  He's very enthusiastic about life, obedient already, and extremely quick to figure things out.

Kate in Louisiana (Nick x Lark)


Dear Sunny,
We just wanted to say thank you for Julius.  He is an awesome dog.  We
love him so much and he is the perfect temperament for our family.  He
has turned out to be the perfect beach dog. We take him to the ocean at
least once a week.  He runs and runs and chases the waves, splashes in
the water.  He runs back and forth, always keeping us in sight, and
checks in every few minutes.  He runs up to us and lies down until we
tell him to "Go."  Then he's off again, running and having the best
time.  He is good with all the other dogs on the beach, never
aggressive.  He plays with them a little and then is off to chase the
waves again.  He is getting very smart about how the waves break so he
doesn't go under.  He loves the water.

He also loves to go to the barn and is good around horses. 

He is great at home, very protective but not aggressive at all.  Loves
our cats and plays with them.  He helped raise a litter of 4 kittens. He
had one favorite that he held between his paws and licked his head.

He loves people and loves us.
We feel very fortunate to have him.
Thanks again and happy holidays.

Hi Sunny-
Thanks for the mug.  Although it came a few days ago I wanted to resize some photos of Sophie to send to you.  They are attached.  They are not as good as I hoped because the other dogs were in the yard and distracting her.  The pictures were taken a little over a month ago.  She is doing well.    She weighs about 46 pounds.  She was spayed a week ago last Friday.  She certainly has livened up our household.  She can sit, down, stay, roll over, speak and come (most of the time).  She is the best dog that we ever have had on a lead.  She seems to instinctively understand heel and to sit when I stop walking.  She also does really well riding in the car.  Again, thanks.  Happy Holidays.

Hi Sunny, I thought you may enjoy Freya's one year old picture..She is with Buckley the 7 year old and they are quite a loving pair!

In Washington State...(Blitz x Z)

 Sammi says thanks for the greeting and say "hi" to sis for her.
I'll send you a picture once I get a decent one taken of her "doing
something".  By the way she has learned her scent articles faster than
any dog I've trained and she does it with an air of "oh this is so
easy". I still need to move it up a notch with someone else scenting the
pile but thought you'd like to know you bred a litter with great noses!
Have a great holiday season and hope you're somewhere warm

Hello and Merry Christmas to you and your companions across the lake.  I suspect that you also have a fair amount of snow by now and are expecting a white Christmas as we no doubt will have.  Nancy did such a wonderful job on the cups and it was so thoughtful.  The gift is awesome thank you!

Bear is doing great and it is hard to believe that the litter turns 6 months this week.  He is well behaved, very talkative and full of love.  I often take him when I go on short jaunts in the car and when he suspects I might be going out he starts to talk to me in a mild whimper.  He loves to really yak it up playing with Rox and Frank although little Frank doesn’t like to play as Bear is a little rough.  He “clubs” as a way of playing and well, Franks is only 13 lbs and you can understand, ha!   Make no mistake about this kid, although he is a house dog, he loves the outdoors and you can appreciate that he is comfortable lying out in the snow for extended periods of time.   Understanding his preference, I got him a Dogloo and some straw this past weekend.  This way he can have a mix and enjoy some freedom and liberties as opposed to the crate when we are out.

 One thing I thought you would especially enjoy is hearing about him and Elizabeth, our great-niece (3 months old) who we are babysitting for fairly frequently.  You know the special thing Bouv’s have for kids.  Well, of course Rox immediately took Liz as her personal charge and always is in the middle of what’s going on.  Bear is very observant and when allowed to be close is exercising a curious but much disciplined demeanor.  The other day, Liz was in this springy chair thing, Bear came up and sat in front of her watching with great interest and as she wiggled and made sounds he was kissing her little hand.   When I think of Zeus our first Bouv and he was with the boy’s when they were little it brings a smile.  Although Rox is 9 now, in a year of so when Liz is playing outside I know those two Bouv’s will be having fun doing what they love, watching over their keep, ha!  Lucky girl that little Liz eh.

 Best Regards, David

Hi Sunny, At a year, Amos is really athletic and agile.  He loves to go to the dog park and play chase with other dogs his age.  We can't always get him there and it's even harder now its getting dark so early.  He could use more play time and occasionally the neighbor's dog Andy will come over in the back yard and visit and they tumble until they pass out.  He has a great personality and is comfortably social.  He's still such a pup that his energy level is up, but I think he will age to become a mellow dog.  The physical strength and agility give him plenty of confidence, but he isn't at all aggressive, but will stand up for himself appropriately.  Kathy thinks he needs more company than mere humans provide, but I tease her about her concerns over the dog's mental health.  I wish I was as cheerful as he is.  He has gone to culinary heaven compared to most dogs.  He is fed some dry food that I augment with about a quarter pound of cooked ground lamb with a carrot and some broccoli thrown in the pan.  I wet the dry food and stir in the hot food and he scarfs it right up.  He gets part of a raw carrot for a treat during the day sometimes.  He visits with Will when he comes home from college, and Luke and his skate board posse at the end of the day, then the park, then I play with him in the evenings, usually tug-o-war with a chew toy.  He sleeps a lot during the day, and seems perfectly content to be in the cold, in fact prefers it and there is a marked increase in his energy when the temperature drops.   We are constantly complimented on what a great dog he is, how good he looks.  I know he is a champion, though I don't think we will ever compete with him. 
Phillip (Blitz x Z)
Sunny, I thought you'd like to see how our old girl is doing.  Today she
is 13 and is still going great.  She still lives for her walks everyday, and
she also plays tug with hear bear.    She is still the alpha girl in our house.  She had a special
birthday breakfast with meatloaf.  Thank you for letting this little girl
into our lives.  Ruth

Grady.jpg (53631 bytes)Hi Sunny,

    Grady is a fantastic bouvier. I did participate in an introduction to tracking seminar with him when he was 9 months old but his ability to focus was so very limited at that time, that I didn't pursue additional classes. His ability to concentrate is much improved and we may take classes in tracking. (I also found it difficult to be tracking with 4-5 other dogs in the seminar...I will probably try private lessons first.) Grady does seem very keen on tracking our footprints in the snow as well as the tracks of coyotes, deer, chickens, squirrels etc. He seems to have very good drive...strong, focused but controllable, not frenetic. He absolutely loves clicker training. I really don't see any limitations in the training he can succeed at in any discipline (other than my own limitations). Grady has a fairly high activity level and play drive. He goes to day care once or twice a week and I hear nothing but glowing reports of how well he gets along with other dogs. In watching him play, I am impressed that even at a very young age, he seemed able to adjust the type and intensity of his play to match that of his playmates. He is very intuitive. At home, we still play lots of hide and seek games, chase games, tug and rough and tumble games. I can see his prey drive evolving and refining. I am still planning to take herding lessons with him but I did want his head (mental maturity) to catch up to his body first though physically, Grady seems fairly slow maturing. On those days when he is not in day care, we usually go for a 2-4 mile walk in a nature preserve. When we encounter other hikers, they readily see him, without even recognizing the breed, as a very young or adolescent dog. He does not yet have his "adult" form, although he is tremendously physically fit. I've often thought this year, as we're running pell mell over snow packed trails in the preserve, that next year I would love to try ski-joring with him. I bet we would fly down those trails!  Tell Charlie that I do believe Grady really has his father's (or grandfather's) ability to sense any change in his environment. He is quick to notice and investigate anything that's different or been added to a room in the house. You can almost see the "Hey, what the heck is this?" expression on his face. 
     It's an absolute pleasure to have a dog filled with so much "joie de vivre" as a friend. We couldn't have asked for a better companion than Grady.
    We'll start lambing here in another month. The daytime temperature's been hovering in the 20's and low 30's and we still have 5-6 inches of snow on the ground and are expecting another snow storm late Monday. (Why can't that groundhog ever predict an early spring?) Good luck with your lambing season. Stay warm (ho ho ho).

Amos8wk.jpg (13791 bytes)

Hi Sunny,

The flight was later, but that let us rev down some and eat supper.  The fellow at air cargo at Northwest was  real nice and told us that the heater wasn't working on that flight so they put him on a later one.  He was in our
arms within 15 minutes of landing.  I poured a floor in one of the sheds and
he thinks that is his kennel, which is good because that's the part of the
yard I keep my tools and where I'm moving Kathy's paint studio so that is
where he will be on patrol. Hopefully he'll keep the squirrels away form the
bird feeder and that cat next door will quit coming in my yard.  I have big
plans for him.  Seems to love music, at least be interested in it.  He tilts
his head just like the RCA dog at the speakers playing Oscar Peterson.  I
have yet to pull out my sax.  We gave him a taste of some roast beef and he
was all about that.  Sharp little teeth.  He "went" outside right afterward.
Stays right with you when we tour the yard in the dark.  That's when he does
the disappearing act, like a ninja in the shadows.  Yep you were right I'm
going to have too much fun with this pup.  What's this? Kathy tells me he's
passed out on the couch.  A chip off the old block.  Really thanks for
sending us such a good dog.



She is a hand full but she has someone with her 24 hours a day. Our RV park is on the sea shore and she loves the grass, sand and the different types of birds. It is a new world for her because she will set outside with us trying to determine where the different sounds are going from. 

I can not tell you what a wonderful effect that this puppy has made on my wife. My wife has Lupus and has had it for about 5 years. She would have one good day and then 2-3 down days. She is up at 6 a.m. each day with the pup and by 7:30 they are out walking. If the puppy is not sleeping then the two of them are out and going. My wife has a whole new outlook on things. I want to thank you and your husband for all you have given us with this new pup.

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift from WI.

Carl, Jerri and Dixie

Hi Sunny,
Hard to believe our puppy is now six months old...time does fly. My wife (Mary) and I still comment almost daily about our puppies' temperament. He is a wonderful dog and we could not be happier with your breeding lines, dog choice for our family, or our just plain dumb luck. We named him Rocky because the fawn stripes in the gray coat look like Rocky Road ice cream. He was the star of his obedience class and I hope to start him in a more advanced class this winter with a possible agility class later in the year. Mary is already talking about getting another one but I need a little more time to get Rocky's puppy months behind me. Thanks again for a wonderful pet!!
Jim and Mary

Hi Sunny,

I just wanted to update you on Leroy's progress (that's the little bouv's new
name).  He is still staying with my family in IL through his potty training,
but he is a smart learner and has charmed everyone to pieces.  My mom is
writing a daily diary (in his voice) of his daily events and progress.  His potty
training is moving along, and he is going outside pretty consistently now.  He
learned his name the first day, just from my father repeating it in the car. 
He is being socialized around other dogs, noises, and people, to help prepare
him for the unpredictable things he might encounter as a service dog, and so
far he has passed all tests with flying colors.  Everyone loves him. 

Once I do start the actual service training, I'll try to write up something
that might be suitable for Dirty Beards (I have always loved the name of this
publication).  I kept quite a long journal of my former bouv's cancer up until
his death, and I also hope to write some things on the letting go process at
some point, but it's still too powerful and overwhelming to put into a sensible
form.  The name Leroy is a near-anagram of my former dog's name, Rowley,
symbolic to me of the cycle of life -- they are both also named after towns. 

Leroy is already practicing getting his beard dirty.  He likes to play in a
sandbox in my mom's yard and then immediately jump into a wading pool to wash
off.  The fact that he has the good sense to clean himself up is a definite
asset.  The other day he even tried to drag the water hose over to the pool, to
fill it up himself.  He is very concerned about cleanliness.  He probably saw a
few copies of Dirty Bears lying around your house and worried about keeping
his own beard clean.  As we both know, though, keeping the beard clean requires
a lot more vigilence than one little puppy can muster. 


Hello Sunny,
I received your e-mail and you can forward this to the other lucky owners.  Callie is doing great.  She has so much personality!!!  She is doing pretty good with housebreaking.  I have hung bells up at the door for her to ring, she has the ringing down pat however I think it is just for a treat and not to go out.  I can be dusting or watching TV and hear the bells ring but once outside she is just back at the door wanting in.  When we first got her we still had Sonny (her dad) staying with us.  She loved him and he was very tolerant of her for she loved to climb all over him.  We plan to take her this Saturday to the club Charlie belongs to.  We have been working with her on basic obedience and she sure is quick to learn.  We got to meet Leigh Anne and her family when she picked up Bram he was a spitting image of his daddy.  I hope everyone is having as much fun from their new family member as Butch and I are.  Please keep in touch.


I found a good training facility on the west side of the twin cities for obedience and agility. Rubbie has been through beginning agility level 1 and starts level 2 on 10/25/03.

Rubbie has been through a couple of obedience courses and is doing just great. We are having a lot of fun with him.

Last Saturday my daughter and girlfriend were out partying somewhere and when they came home her girlfriend asked to use the bathroom. Rubbie like to sleep in the tub because it is cooler. She woke him up and he finally realized some stranger was in his house. Rubbie went ballistic and created a ruckus with barking and growling (no biting). Luckily her girlfriend has two large dogs at home and was not scared. It took an hour to calm him down. He will be a good guard dog.


Bram, Christmas 2003

Bram continues to grow (weighs about 30lbs) and loves to sit in my lap. He
is really a loving dog and would sit in my lap and chew on my hand all day.
Unfortunately the lap sitting days are nearing to a  close since he doesn't
fit as well . He is a quick learner and has become a big help during
baseball practice. I don't have to get the ball anymore. He has been
retrieving the ball outside all week ( BIG HELP). He also picked up a
plastic grocery bag I dropped yesterday and brought it to the door. Do you
think he could be trained to help me bring the groceries in? He really seems
to want to work. He is getting along well with the other dogs and the sheep.
We are having some difficulty with coming when called. I am going to try Pam
Green's advice to work on the come and down the next two months. Your dogs
are really making a name for themselves. I got lost in all the titles on the
web site your dogs have collected this summer.
I have located a border collie trainer close to home and am going to
interview him to see if he would teach me how to train Bram to herd. Maybe
some day I will get to meet you.
thanks again for Bram
Leigh Anne

Hi Sunny!
Tulie and I completed our novice training session last night at Acoma. The final class focused on snake proofing our dogs and Trish used Tulie as the demo dog, since her initial response to the snake was "let's play". Trish generously gave the class members coupons to attend 4 more novice classes, at our convenience and we'll definitely do that, weather permitting. I'm going to try to find an obedience school here in Santa Fe though for the advanced classes. The 2 hour drive to take a 45 minute class is getting a little grueling, but Trish is great and I'm so glad that Nancy and Terry suggested that we take her classes.
Hope all is well with you.

Hi Sunny,
I wanted to let you know that 1 1/2 years later, Achsah (from the Vasja litter) is the funniest dog i have ever met. She is an awesome farm dog - and wonderful with the kids. She talks like no dog i have ever met. She has whole conversations with us - she voices her happiness, her hello and her objection (when i tell her to go lay on her dog bed in the living room - because if not, she is in our faces and activities at all times trying to join in - she goes and lays down on her dog bed and then gives me the ra, ra, ra, rarara. It is the most hilarious discussion. I note her objection and then she's quite and stays there. She has something to say about everything and it is the funniest voice. Everyone who meets her laughs. (although we do try to treat her with dignity) If i am gone all day at a meeting and then come home, she gives me a little talking to. It is so cute.
She was a persistent and challenging puppy. Our family mantra became "Achsah, Achsah, Achsah" like Jan Brady said "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia". And between Achsah and the five year old who were usually in trouble together - i was calling jacob achsah and achsah jacob. I just knew it was one of those two irritants. And they were, and still are, thick as theives. She is good with him though. They'd play and i had him sit on her early. So she is gentle and the kids can do anything with her. Of course, i am not a huge puppy person - she got bored in agility class. All the other dogs were timid of the equipment and she just runs on them, through them etc for fun - so it went too slowly for her. She has calmed down a lot and is now excellently behaved (even if she doesnt want to leave the porcupine or squirrel alone). She is a great at killing the mice in the barn. She get almost a dozen in a minute, just snatches them, breaks their neck and goes onto the next one. It is wild. And torments the squirrels endlessly. But calls off when i tell her to. She is sweet if a little too persistent in her affection for our cats. She would lick them and lick them. She is incredibly fast and agile - i've never seen anything like it. She can jump up on the counter in the barn just standing next to it.
She is still close with my boys. Lies on them when possible and they push her off and make her lie next to them. They can take toys from her mouth and she drops on command. In short, she is awesome and absolutely hilarious.
She loves to herd and after teaching her to stay out of the paddock on command to curb her enthusiasm, she is now quite good. She brings the horses in if i ask her - gently, never touching them, sort of keeping this invisible five feet distance (probably to avoid hooves). She is great. If any misbehave with the others, she gets mad and gives a sharp bark.  When she was a puppy we had a foal and they'd lie down and sleep together curled up and play tag for hours. Now that the foal is an official horse and achsah a Dog, they aren't as close.
Anyway, we love her. I wasn't sure if i was going to survive her puppy hood but happily i have and she's great. Everyone loved her, they'd say 'she's so cute' and i said yea, but you don't have her attached to you 24 hours a day into one mischief after the next.
She is beautiful by the way. She was fixed and i keep her shaved down (with horse clippers) because she loves the barn, horse shit and the creek, but she truley has a lovely confirmation. Mom said she is gorgeous. She is powerful but so correct and flowing but tight if that makes sense. Anyway, she is well loved and thank you she keeps us laughing, keeps the place protected as she just lays on the front porch all day in between her bursts of squirrle, bird hunting and keeps the boys absolutely in love with her. Hope all of your crew is well. Best, Jennifer

Hi Sunny,
Well I thought I should give you an update on Gladys.  She is absolutely perfect!  The ride home was great, she was asleep the entire time.  She didn't cry at all, but a few little peeps right when we left.
When we arrived home, she saw Lily (our yellow lab) and gave her ferocious "growl".  Lily gave her a deep bark back, and Gladys came crying to me in the corner.  They have since gotten to be friends.  Gladys leaves her alone, and Lily is a granny and wants nothing to do with her.
We have had great nights w/ her, and last night she was quiet the whole night long.  There was not one peep from her until around 5:30.  Then she wanted to chase me around the yard and bite at my PJ's.  My 6 year old, Grace, slept by her side the first two nights.  She is in love with her.  The whole bus load full of kids hang out their windows in the morning and say "hi Gladys".....it's hysterical!  She's very popular already.
There has not been one accident in the house yet, if you can believe that!  We are pretty good about taking her right out.  She loves the attention that she's getting after doing her business.
We could not be happier with her.  I am so thrilled with each minute that we have been around her.  The kids love her, and my mother (who had a bouvier) is in heaven!
Thank you so much, and we will keep you updated!  I will send pictures too.
Love Gladys' Mom, Betsy

Everyone here is getting along just fine.  Stella has settled into a daily schedule very well and without much fuss at all.  She’s a very happy and playful puppy and will follow you around all day long if she had her way.  Another plus is that she loves her crate – in fact, she’s taking her afternoon nap right now with the door open.

We’ve been to the vet this past weekend and received a clean bill of health.  Also confirmed she’s a big one so we’ll all keep a close watch on that during her puppyhood.  Next vet visit in 3 weeks.  And we found a convenient puppy kindergarten class starting up early Oct at a local high school – couldn’t have worked out better!!


Sorry it has taken me so long to reply.  Things have been crazy with the upcoming holidays.  Good news is that Ursa is getting better at the housetraining.  She has more energy now then ever and it is starting to get difficult to get her back in the house after she goes to the bathroom :-)  She can almost hold it the entire day...still has her moments, but she is definitely improving.  Our obedience instructor told us to crate train her and I said no way.  We are gone for 4-5 hours sometimes 8 if one of us can't get back during lunch and there is no way I am leaving her in a crate that long.  Unfortunately, she has free reign of the house (which I am sure she doesn't mind).  We just have to pick up all of our shoes when we get home.  Luckily she doesn't tear things apart.  She just moves things around :-)  I figure if she is going to be alone for that long, she should be able to have some fun.  When we do get home, we really play with her and give her all the attention we have.  She has been a wonderful dog and everywhere we go people stop and ask what kind of dog, where did we get her, all kinds of questions about the breed, etc.  My husband said he is going to make a little sign to hang on her back when we go out that says "I am a bouvier."  Everyone loves her and we do to.  He is nervous with everyone asking questions, they are going to go and get one and it won't be such a rare breed.  They will be as common as labs.  It was funny - we had 8 people (I counted) around us in the PetSmart aisle asking questions :-) 
She has been losing her baby teeth.  I am working on training her to stand/sit still while I brush and groom her.  Still have some work, she really likes to play, but everyday she gets better.  She knows how to sit, stay, shake, and lay down.  She loves ice cubes for some reason.  Everytime I go to get a drink, she sits next to the refrigerator until I get an ice cube and give it to her.  It probably feels good while she is teething.  We go for long walks and she found a friend, a yellow lab named Simon, that she plays with if he is outside.  We have her in obedience classes and she is hilarious.  We have the first 10-15 minutes for "play time" where all the dogs are allowed off their leashes and get to play with each other.  There is a lab and a dalmation that go crazy and pretty much play with each other the entire time (way too much energy for me.)  There are a couple other dogs that wonder around looking for a play pal, but Ursa won't leave our side.  I am sure it is just going to take some getting used to, but it is pretty funny.  She is the biggest one in the class, but is so quiet.  We told the instructor that they have to come home with us to see how she really is :-)  We also went and got Christmas pictures.  They are hilarious.  I am going to pick them up today and will send one to you.
Well, just figured I would give you an update and let you know how Ursa is doing.
Hope all is well and talk to you later,

Hi Sunny!  We named our pup Napa and she is doing very
well!  She is also getting very big quickly!  She
seems to be housetrained...no accidents in a few
weeks!  We also have her trained to ring bells to go
out.  Although, she is a little manipulative, as she
realized soon in the process that ringing the bells
also got us to come to her...so sometimes she
"pretends" to have to go out so we will come play with
her!  She has been very easy to train and has excelled
in her obedience class!  She gets a lot of attention
on her walks around the lake!  I will send pictures
soon!  Kari and Mark

Dear Sunny:
        As Guy's second birthday approaches I made myself stop procrastinating and sit down and write.  I am really embarrassed by the length of time since I last communicated with you.  You were extremely helpful in arranging the ownership of our sweet dog.  I apologize for my silence.
        Guy has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He is very sweet and gentle with our children.  I am amazed by how smart.  I swear he is a man in a dog suit sometimes.  He has such a wise look in his eyes.  Guy is also a big goof ball who loves to frolic in the yard with kids and play ball.  He took very well to the dog training classes.  He responds quite promptly to his hand signals and voice commands.  You can tell he has a mind of his own but seems to know how his bread is buttered so does what we ask.  The kids are still working on having the upper hand, Guy is still try to herd them a bit.  The funny part is, Livia, who is only 4, can get him to do what she says.  She is very firm with her commands.  Our cat is still not delighted by Guys presence.  Oh well.  Guy keeps trying to nose her and sort of snuggle.  She wont have anything to do with it.  I am amazed by how gentle he is with little animals.  Our hamster got loose a few month
s back and Guy caught him.  I thought that was the end of the hamster, but Guy just carried the hamster around gently in his mouth until we got to him.  He is also absolutely fascinated with guinea pigs.  Just sits for hours staring at them dreamily...  Funny boy.
        Grooming has been somewhat of a challenge.  We have a hectic lifestyle...  We have found keeping his overall coat short except for his head works well.  I get him to the groomers every 6 weeks or so and we brush him regularly.  At one time his baby fur got terribly matted and we had to shave all the mats off, not a good look for him!  He looks quite handsome now.  I am still struggling with digital camera, I will try to find a light background for a good photo and send it to you.  It was sweet to see his puppy picture still on your website!
        Our family is well and thriving.  Business is holding steady though has been a bit rocky through this economic crunch.  Terrorism has left us shaken but deeply grateful for what really matters.  I hope your family is well and you and having fun with your dogs!  Hope you and your family have Happy Holidays.



 Cape Cod, Massachusetts  (Guy as a puppy)

About the name, right now he is 'Baby Bink, no idea why just that is what we call him.  Though Rock 'n Robin is a name that sounds great. 

This boy is a hoot, right now he is sleeping in the recliner with his elmo.
After spending the day guarding the home from those nasty leaves he is a bit
worn out.  The baby just loves barking at them falling leaves and making
them leave the area.

Will send tons of pics, lets see went threw two rolls of film already.. Will
keep you posted on his progress.

Will be taking a couple sibe pups to a fun match at the end of Oct, was
thinking about taking the "Bink" along if that is ok with ya.

Just love this boy much as do the rest of the crew here.

Talk soon

Hi Sunny!
Sadie is doing great! and she's really a good puppy!  She seems to have the idea of going outside to potty for the most part.  She seems pretty smart in other areas too...understands "get down" and "don't bite. She picked up on walking on a leash very fast and doesn't resist too often.  She has a very sweet personality.  We take her in the car almost every time
 we go out and she does well with that.  I've noticed  that new or sudden noises don't bother her a bit.  She may jump a bit at the sound of a car backfiring or something but then immediately goes on as if nothing  happened.  Have had her around quite a few people now
 but no other dogs.  The cat and Sadie haven't tangled yet but Sadie would sure like to play with her!  I can see Sadie trying to herd the cat and the cat will check dog out when dog's asleep.

Thank you for letting her come to live with us!

Dear Sunny,
Our puppy, CoCo is healthy and very sweet.  We took her to the vet today.  He loved her.  She is now 13 pounds! She does not have worms, and they gave her medicine to prevent heartworm.  She has fluffy hair, making her look like an Ewok (from the Star Wars movie).  The vet thought that she would be a great dog for obedience and agility competition.  We are very pleased with her and love her very much.

                                                             Your friend,

She is doing great.  Very intelligent, affectionate, and pretty calm for being a puppy.  She usually has her spastic moments at 6 am :-)  Not bad during the weekday because I am awake...she is my alarm clock...but pretty painful on the weekends :-)  We took her to the vet yesterday to have her stitches removed.  Everything went well and he put some styrofoam in her ears and taped them up to help them stand.  We have to take her in again in a week to change them out and see how they are growing.
We had a hard time naming her.  We came up with quite a few names, but finally ended up with "Ursa."  It is latin for bear.  (My husband's idea)   She is growing and eating a lot (already 18 pounds!).  Everyone laughs when I tell them she is only 10 weeks old.  We just moved into our new house and as soon as we get our computer running and find our digital camera, I will send you some pictures.  We are signed up to take some obedience classes starting in 2 weeks.  That should be fun. 
Other than that, she is just being a puppy.  Doing great with the potty training as long as we can get home every couple of hours to let her out.  Can't get mad at her when she just doesn't have the capacity to hold it.  The weather is getting chilly out and she really loves it.  She plays a lot when she goes out into the yard.  Had a fun experience in the mud the other day and I had a fun experience giving her a bath :-)  Speaking of which, how often do you recommend we bathe her?  She doesn't get that dirty, but when she does, I don't know if I should just dry her off with a clean towel or put her in the tub.  I don't want her skin to get too dry.
My boss is going to get mad because all I want to do is leave work and go see how she is doing and play with her.

Hope your summer is winding down in a cool, wet place.  We are completely over the dry heat and forest fires we've endured all summer long.
We did manage a backpack trip into the Raggeds Wilderness last week.  Took our airedale's ashes up to O Be Joyful Pass and scattered them.  It was a good thing.
So, Mr. Candy-B had his first backpacking experience, and, after a reluctant start (he did not like wearing a pack or hiking long...he tends to be a tad lazy), he did just great.  He absolutely loves the high country and the water, diving into every creek, lake or mud hole he can find.  He's a good swimmer, too, and will jump right off a bank or a dock and swim for the pure joy of it.  He needs work with the canoe, though, and that will be his goal for next summer when we take him to the lake in Maine.  The little guy has even started to bark a little...appropriately...when hearing coyotes at night or seeing a stranger in the woods.  We love this dog, Sunny.  What a joy he is in our lives.  
Thought we should also tell you Candy-B is greatly admired everywhere he goes, and we have recommended you as a breeder and given your name to many people.  It's likely that you'll hear from some sometime.  Our best to you.

Hi Sunny -- I thought I'd send you a brief progress report on Kitty.  The ride home was uneventful.  We stopped a few times so she, and the cat, could stretch their legs and pee.  She was very quiet on the ride and spent most of the time sleeping, and drooling.  She sleeps all night and hasn't had any housebreaking accidents.  She seems to be settling in just fine. 

We're keeping her busy with various outings; yesterday we took her to meet the horses and then pick raspberries (she lay in the shade for the latter activity).  She was wary of the horses at first but after a while would run next to my horse as I rode, first with Jim leading her and then with me holding the leash while on horseback -- she did great and the horse accepted her presence completely.  I will work on this slowly to get her and the horse fully used to each other. 
Everyone who has met her wants to keep her for themselves!  She is very sweet an gentle and seems like she will be easy to train.  She is just the perfect dog for us.  I'll be sending some pictures as soon as I pick up batteries for my digital camera.


Dear Sunny:
Hootsch is finally at ease, and a good-natured dog he certainly is!  He's active and loads of fun. This morning I woke up to the cats' whining outside. Hootsch was nowhere to be found. I started imagining a raccoon came in through the cat's door and stole him. I searched all over and found him sound asleep by the grandfather clock in the sun parlor. I went to make coffee and he woke up and he gave me a good welcome.
He's comfortable now. Today we went to the town Memorial Day parade. Hootsch was amazingly well behaved and he had a good time.  I find it unbelievable how well mannered he is. Well, hope you all have a happy holiday there.

Hootsch and Bubba at 2 weeks

Hello Sunny,

The new puppy, Bubba, is doing great.  He is a confident pup who wants to
run the household.  Louie is not yet used to him and it looks like it will
take some time (Louie just walks away).  Andrea absolutely loves her pup and
no wonder, he is beautiful.  He is a bit more of a cuddler than Louie, too.

Everything is going great.  Charlotte appears to be housebroken...two days and no accidents.  She is a very sweet and affectionate dog.  She is such a beautiful dog.  If she's a companion dog, I can't imagine a more beautiful show dog.  She still 'sings' us to sleep at night but settles down fairly quickly.  Here are a couple of early pictures.  Thanks for everything.   The Thomas family.

Dude celebrated his 5-month birthday in style---by getting neutered and
starting puppy class.  Both were a success.  He is growing like a weed, and
learning every day.  His love of live has not diminished in the least, and
he brings us (almost) nothing but joy!

Thanks again for our hard-headed little boy!

Rita and Frank

Hi Sunny,
Thank you very much for the Christmas Card and gift, its already hanging on the Christmas tree.  Cyrus is doing great, he is about 60 lbs now and is very fast & strong.  He gets three walks a day (1 to 2 miles each) and he loves it.  By the way do you need the vet copies verifying that we got him neutered and hips x-rayed.

Thank you Sunny for everything.  Cyrus is by for the best dog I have ever had.


Dear Sunny,
  I've wanted to send you an e-mail about Bigsby for quite a while but, I never found the time.  We are very pleased with him.  He has become a wonderful member of our small family.  You may see him on www.chicagopetcare.com.  We take him on our boat in the summer and he loves it.  I don't know why more people don't have these dogs.
At one year he is about 100lbs - quite large for his age I think.
Again we are very happy. I'm sure when Lori sees this e-mail she will forward additional pics.
Take care.
Jon & Lori

We picked her up and she is perfect! .Thanks

John in Memphis

Hi Sunny,
We are home safe and sound. She is adorable - kept me company the whole way home through a snow storm - made herself at home in the passengers seat - and she loves attention. You've done a good job with them - all kinds of touch she loved and curled up in my lap for alot of the drive. Is now laying at my feet as i type.
Haven't decided on a name yet - it is a family vote -


Jacob (my youngest) wants to name her soccer (he has a kitten named Skate). So tomorrow, zach and i will come up with an alternative list.

She is romping now in the living room - but sticking close to me and talking a lot - she likes to be held!

Anyway, all is well. Thank you she is wonderful. So sweet and so person oriented already. And very, very cute. Oops, typed too long, she just gruffed at me to get attention. I'll keep in touch. Best, Jennifer

He is doing well!  He seems very happy and playful and is learning quickly. We go to second doggie training today. he and Bu are stars of the class!!!



Believe it or no we can't wait for the snow.  I wonder what Gus will do.  He is fearless and I think he will be fun to watch.  Mark and I took a couple of pictures of the motley crew.  There is never a dull moment _ the dogs get along just fine.  They are a joy.  You picked the perfect pup for our family!

   Mark and Cathey

 Hope all went well! Mr Norbu is growing up to be a really beautiful dog! 41lbs on Dec 20.  We love him more than words can express. He is keenly interested in Agility and incredibly smart!


       When are you coming down to New Mexico? We're having a damp beginning to 2002 but no snow here and not really cold either.
        Have a GREAT NEW YEAR!!!!!  and Hope to see you Soon!
Hello there,
I have a question, is your farm in Holland or Belgium?
Where looking for a puppy and we saw at some pictures puppies with now long ears.
 Good you send me some information about your puppies
Your sincerely,
Janine Braamskamp
The Netherlands

okay, this wasn't a letter from an owner, but it still ranks as my all-time favorite note!


Hi Sunny,

 We got there at 4:30 and back
home at 7 our time w/traffic and a potty break. Then
spent a little time getting her settled in. Did pretty
good last night.

She helped with chores this morning. and was quite
happy to stay pretty close by my side. As I filled
water for the sheep she sat down and watched. And was
very happy just being there (and quiet). Except when
"grandma" sheep wanted to investigate us - then the
pup growled - the sheep stopped and then returned to
the flock. That was pretty cool.
DCP00456.jpg (6639 bytes)
What a great kid. Still working on a name.

Hope all is well at your end. Talk to you later!