No sales to third party resellers, brokers, pet stores or individuals acquiring puppies for resale.

Puppy reservation

Hello!  If you have looked over our site and think a Briarlea Bouvier is right for you, we've put together this list of questions for you to consider.   We hope this list of questions will help you.

To reserve a puppy from one of our litters, we ask that you email us a detailed note outlining the following:





1)Why do you want a Bouvier?


2) What are your expectations for this puppy as an adult?


3) What are your past experiences with dogs/Bouviers?


4) What type of personality are you looking for in your dog?


5) What is your general lifestyle..urban? rural? kids? at home or gone all day?


5a) What state do you live in?  (we are in Wisconsin most of the year but in New Mexico in the winter)


6)  Are you interested in a male or a female Bouvier ~ why?


7) Is there someone at home every day? 


8) If not, who will care for the puppy during the day? 


9) If you find you can not keep your Bouvier, do you agree to contact Briarlea Bouviers first?


10) Will you guarantee that the dog is being purchased for your own ownership and that you are not acting as an intermediary for, nor will the buyer transfer ownership to, any owner, employee, agent or individual connected with a pet shop, puppy mill or wholesaler of dogs (anyone who buys puppies in litter lots or trades puppies for articles or services).


11)  Do you own your home or rent?  Do you have a fenced yard? Where will your Bouvier live?


12) Have you ever owned a large working breed of dog before?  Which breeds?

13) What happened to any previous dogs?       

14) Have you ever obedience trained a dog before?____ Is anyone in your family afraid of big dogs? Who?


14a) Bouviers are strong-willed, powerful dogs that can be a challenge to train.  Are you prepared to take your Bouvier through training classes?


15) Who will the dog be a companion to? __Adults __Children (Ages_____________________________)

16) Who will be primarily responsible for the dog's care?

17) In order to select a pup that is most compatible with you and your family, describe your own temperament and activities. Which activities do you expect to have your dog participate in? 


18) Please list anything additional which helps us understand your needs and expectations for a dog:


19) How did you find out about Briarlea Bouviers?


20) Have you ever actually interacted with a Bouvier?


21) Have you read the online article by Pam Green: "Is This the Right Dog for You?"

        (If not, please do's on this website)


23) Have your read our contract and guarantee and are in agreement with all the terms outlined there?


This begins the process to see whether a Bouvier is the right dog for your lifestyle.  We also ask for a $250 non refundable deposit which will hold a puppy of the sex/purpose choice you male/companion or female/obedience, etc.  We do not breed dogs for color so please do not restrict your inquiry to color choices.

At 7 weeks we do temperament evaluations.  The puppies are weaned and may leave home after 8 weeks.

Completion of this form does not automatically guarantee a puppy; puppies are placed at the discretion of the breeder.