Our puppies are born in our house ( in our farmhouse kitchen) where they get close attention. We are firm believers in the "Super Puppy" concept and provide early neurological stimulation for our pups.  Also interesting is an article from the Denver-based "Dumb Friends League" outlining the developmental stages of behavior puppies go through.

.FAQ pricing and other considerations

Our 2018 breeding plans are currently being considered pending OFA certifications




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The parents of our puppies usually have titles or are dogs we work at home. An average litter of Bouviers is about 6 puppies although we have had 1 puppy litters as well as a litter of 17!

 We vaccinate our puppies before they leave home and allow the owners to determine whether they want the ears cropped or left natural. You can see what natural ears and tails look like by going to Impetuous Nyra's page.

We will assist you in the choice of your puppy by discussing your lifestyle and your expectations for life with a Bouvier.  We temperament test our puppies at 7 weeks to help determine which go to working homes, competition homes or to families with children or older adults. 

What about color??  We don't sell puppies by color.  There are too many other qualities that should affect the choice of a family member, a suitable temperament being first on the list.    Bouviers are notorious for changing their coat color as they mature...a solid black dog can go grey, a grey dog can go silver.  So don't let color be your determining factor in choosing a Bouvier..

Think you'd like a Briarlea Bouvier living in  your house?  To begin the process, we ask that you fill out our "Puppy reservation form" and paste it into the body of an email.

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