Meet our Bouvier Family

Briarlea Solamente en la Luz T.D.  (Solo)

Briarlea Luna de la Luz FR Brevet, CGC C.D FR level 2 is one of our current competition dogs as well as a wonderful 'companion.'  A lot of dog in a compact package, she  is highly trainable and social.  Una is the first female Bouvier in the U.S. to earn the French Ringsport 1 and now the FR level 2. 

"Una" is the mother of:

Briarlea Nina de La Luz CD
Briarlea Life is a Breeze RN OA OAJ NAP NJP OF NFP

Briarlea Solamente en la Luz TD     Briarlea Ziva Reina de la Luz and Briarlea Nora Reina de la Luz

Briarlea Blackbird of High Rolls

Birdie is currently living with my family as their companion and watchdog in Northern Minnesota.  (Seth, Bonnie and grandson Anthony) 


Impetuous Nyra v. Caya's Home (Ruby)

Ruby is in training for French Ringsport


Briarlea Alta Bella (Trouble)


Briarlea Nora Reina de la Luz

"Nora" and

Alta de la Saulaie Mariache CGC

Alta is our family watchdog; she has competed in AKC Rally and needs yet to complete that title.

WTCH Briarlea Lark of High Rolls  AKC C.D., P.T., T.D. ~RTD ~CGC  A strong female, she brings joy and enthusiasm to the job.  A desire to work and a willingness to please makes her a lot of fun to live with.  Lark is one of only three Bouviers to have the ASCA WTCH.  She has multiple High in Trial awards on sheep and was high scoring dog (all breeds) for her Ranch Dog title.

"Lark" is the mother of:
Briarlea Stellar Jay of High Rolls TD OA OAJ 
Briarlea SophieRose JHD