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No sales to third party resellers, brokers, pet stores or individuals acquiring puppies for resale.  

  Animal Planet Video about the Bouvier.   Learn the history of the Bouvier, a dog that started as a farm dog and ended up hauling weapons and ambulance litters in the Belgian and French armies

Briarlea Bouvier des Flandres.

We work hard to breed high quality Bouviers who reflect our understanding of a complete and correct dog. While we choose individuals for breeding who we feel can be competitive in sport or on the farm at home, we simply can't keep all the puppies even a very small kennel such as ours produces. Therefore we have the pups from our limited breedings available to the public. 

Take Responsibility!

We do our best to ensure that the puppies are healthy and well adjusted at the time they leave home. Because we breed responsibly, we health test our adults before breeding them.  These health tests are always available to prospective puppy homes.  However, we have come to realize that once we have done the health testing we feel is necessary and appropriate, we can not determine what nature decides for our puppies when they leave our home and are in an environment over which we have no control.  Sometimes puppies (like humans) can have problems even though their parents are healthy.  This is a fact that it is important that the prospective puppy home realizes and is comfortable taking responsibility for.  

Prices for Companion quality puppies are priced at $2000.  This price is based on the puppy being picked up at our home at 8 weeks.  If you require that the puppy stay with us for longer than 8 weeks, please contact us at least a month beforehand so that we can make plans to care for him/her.  While our dogs are a huge part of our lives, we do have lives outside of our dog activities!  Any costs incurred with transportation of the puppy to your home are your responsibility.  These would generally include a health certificate, shipping kennel and airline cost.

Our breeding quality puppies are sold under private treaty.  

Companion Puppies:

Companion puppy...Working puppy...breeding quality puppy... What's the difference?

Companion quality dogs come from the same litters as our breeding, working, and sport prospects, and therefore are placed only in good family homes. Spaying or neutering your companion will stop many future problems for you and may give your pet a longer and healthier life. 

These pups are selected for family homes based on a general good nature, lower prey drive and good sociability.    We like to see some interest in retrieving and a desire to interact with people as well.  In most litters we have had, the majority of the puppies are suitable as companions.  Keep in mind always however, that the Bouvier, by nature, is a strong-willed dog.  If you are not prepared for the struggles of managing an adolescent Bouvier which may include mouthing, biting, jumping, "acting out" and other challenges of authority, beware!

The "working" puppies we choose are generally ones that are highly trainable, have a strong pack drive, greater than average prey drive and are social.  Because my first love is obedience, I will look for a puppy who shows eye contact early on and a desire to be "with" me.  Additionally I will look for a pup who is highly aware of life and is more active than a "companion" pup.  This might not be the ideal puppy for many family homes.  In some of our litters we will have puppies that we consider good working prospects.

The puppies we consider breeding prospects are those we would like to keep for our own breeding program.  They are the crème de la creme of puppies and are valued as such.  If you are considering a serious breeding program, we are happy to visit with you and perhaps direct you to other breeders if we don't have an available prospect for you.  We wish that all of our litters produced puppies that we feel are of this quality; but in an honest world, we can't say it's so.  It's very difficult to breed dogs that have the character, structure and trainability we hope for.