Frequently Asked Questions from emails we've received over the internet.


Do you have any puppies available?

Answer:     Our upcoming litters are listed on the "Upcoming Litters" page until we have deposits on 6 of the puppies.  After the puppies are born we put a notice on the home page of our website if there are any available. Usually we have more requests for our puppies than puppies available but of course sometimes plans change and people who have deposits on puppies decide to wait for another litter, have life changes, etc. and one may become available so just check back every so often.


How much are your puppies?

Answer:     Our companion quality puppies, placed on a limited registration are $1200.

Breeding quality puppies, sold on an open registration are $1500 - $2000.

Working quality puppies, sold to homes who have verifiable proof of titles awarded to their dogs and who are purchasing the puppy for competition are placed on an individual basis.  If that is your situation, please feel welcome to contact us.

Prices do not include ear cropping.


Can you give me advice about a puppy I bought from someone else?  I am having problems with him.

Answer:  Your first and best resource is your breeder. 


 I want to ask if you have any advice regarding our getting 2 puppies.  That way they could keep each other company when we're out.  Do you think that would be a good idea or not? 

Answer: No, we do not place two puppies in the same home at the same time.  1) He deserves your undivided attention to fully develop his personality 2) If there are two puppies, it is likely that there will be a bossy one and a bossed one.  How fun do you think it is to be the bossed puppy?  3) It is our hope that you are intending this puppy to be your companion, not as a 'pet' for another dog.




I want a puppy just like the ones I see on your website.  Do you know where I can get a puppy like yours but cheaper?

Answer: No.