Life on the Farm 


      We have always gotten great pleasure by having our dogs help with farm chores. We use them to guard gates, to help move the sheep from one pasture to another, to put them in the barn for worming and foot trimming and finally, to load them into stock trailers for shipping to market in the fall.  Often when we lamb in the spring, there will be a straggler ewe who decides to keep her lamb way off in the corner of the pasture.  Here is where a good dog comes in handy in a very practical way ~ to help bring that single mom back up to the barnyard. 

We also count on our dogs to help protect us from the rams during breeding season.  There is nothing wonderful about a ram deciding that the human is competition.  Having dogs with me keeps the ram at bay.


our lovely fantail pigeons

Amishcorn.jpg (8726 bytes)

Delph.JPG (48140 bytes)

Zhollyhock.JPG (12727 bytes)

Amish cornshocks

delphiniums and balm

hollyhocks by our machine shed

Khaki, friend of the lambs

look here for more farm pix:        or for our winter home in New Mexico 

 We feel that dogs that are given responsibility are going to be happier. In the shoulder seasons of spring and fall sometimes the dogs haul hay out to the field. This way the sheep and goats are away from the barns for a longer time. In the winter we have so much snow that they feed close in. Sometimes we take the dogs into town for holiday events. robingailxmas.jpg (15311 bytes) This is always great fun for them! 


Life on the little farm in Beaver Valley.  These pictures were taken at home.  Our farmhouse was built in 1860 by lumbermen who logged off the large white pines here in the valley.  We live in the '57 Hills' limestone area of western Wisconsin.

sheepshear2.JPG (5143 bytes)

shearing day

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  here are some of our ducks at 8 weeks!

sculpgard.jpg (9817 bytes)

our sculpture garden


 Some of our sheep ~ August 2002

Fan at 4 months; moving the girls

Nora and her turkeys


 gronhaus.jpg (12919 bytes)

our little greenhouse

Pomeraniangeese1week.jpg (8358 bytes)

new goslings!



Our Sauna.  My son Seth builds

and ships these great saunas all across the U.S.

Milesfish.JPG (27721 bytes)

My son Miles with a big fish!

Sonata and AJ 2004






Feeding out lambs ~ November 1999.


Mowing the hayfield

Haying day - July 2007

   Fall on the farm      
morelwithruler.jpg (9923 bytes)

a GIANT morel!


marchcreek.jpg (12053 bytes)

This is Beaver Creek, a trout stream that runs through our pasture.


woodshed.jpg (9293 bytes)

Jim's woodshed


2003 brings us a new kennel building!


Winter in Wisconsin

1927 barn our 1860 house  the poultry house