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2007 Titles and Awards


Nov 25 - From Florida - Breeze went to her  2nd. agility show last week-end and out of 9 runs she got 7 first places and 3 titles. Novice stan. preferred, novice jumpers preferred, novice fast preferred. Her next show is Dec. 8 & 9 and now we will do reg. novice now. I always do preferred first and then do regular just so we have more time in the ring before we get to the hard stuff. Also we are doing Rally Advance for the first time.  I will let you know how we do . My friend and her dog & Breeze & I went to the beach today and this old guy was walking by himself and my friend's dog went up to him and started barking but Breeze didn't pay any attention to him until he stared yelling and he raised his arm up like he was going to hit her dog and Breeze turned on a dime and went up to him and just growled we had to tell him to be quiet and put his arm down. But I was impressed how Breeze didn't do anything till he raised his arm, I guess she got that from her mom & dad.    Maggie
October 20-21  Briarlea North Star Dixie qualifies for her NA title  in Lubbock, TX 3 legs one weekend with 2 first places and one second.
October 7-8 Briarlea Life is a Breeze qualifies twice in Agility JWW in Orlando, FL with first place wins, (beating out border collies!) coming in 18 seconds under time in her agility debut!
October 7 - Briarlea SophieRose is conformation rated "Very Promising" at NAWBA under FCI judge Jean Charles Masson.
October 7 - Briarlea Cutter and Briarlea Rytar both pass the NAWBA Aptitude Test and are conformation rated "Very Good."
October 6 - Ruby passes the NAWBA Aptitude Test
October 1 - Lynn and Rocket go HiT in agility at the ABdFC Nationals.
October 1-2  - Briarlea Common Virtue finishes his FAST title with a first place win at the ABdFC Nationals.
September 8 - Lark earns the WTCH under the ASCA trialing program with multiple High in Trial awards.  To my knowledge, Lark is the ONLY FEMALE BOUVIER to earn this title and only one of three Bouviers in the history of ASCA to earn it.
August 25-26  - Stryker  -.it was a first place for him and that is his second AX leg..one to go. He also Q'd in open
JWW that afternoon to finish up his OAJ. What a good boy!  At a USDAA trial the following weekend, Stryker added SSA SG SR to his list of titles!
August 25-26 Lark earns her Advanced Cattle title and Advanced Sheep title.
August 25 Una performs chein blanc at FR2 for the Central Zone Selectifs
A note from Reg Cobb that Nina (Briarlea Nina de la Luz) has been trialing in pre-novice obedience, scoring in the 190's as she prepares for a career in competition obedience.
It's August and Briarlea Common Virtue continues to title with placements!  "Stryker" now has his Open agility titles and will compete at the highest level in AKC agility by  trialing in Excellent!
June 16-17 Briarlea Common Virtue adds NA to his name as he double-Q's with placements for his first agility title, following it with 1st place wins June 29 - July 1 in JWW to garner that new title as well!  Congratulations to Betsy Hadac for such a great start with this young dog!
June 9 and 10 ~ Lark earns her Open sheep and cattle titles as well as her  Advanced duck title!
June 1 ABdFC Stats report Briarlea Bouviers in the top 10 in agility and rally with Riker, Rocket and Bu in agility and Cutter in Rally!
From Betsy, an email of Briarlea Common Virtue's agility debut! " In the afternoon we did standard, a very nice course. Stryker wasthe first dog to run and it was textbook perfect...we held our contact end position to reinforce the behavior...he Q'd with second place and I think 15 seconds under SCT. If we had not held the contacts it would have been an easy first place!"
May 26 - Briarlea Luna de la Luz CD qualifies for the French Ringsport 1 becoming the first Female Bouvier in the U.S. to attain that title.  Una was the highest scoring Ring 1 in two of the three trials in which she competed for her title.
May 5 - Maggie and Breeze qualify for their 3rd Rally Novice leg to title with a 4th place win and a score of 91/100!
Year end final results from ABdFC: our Ch. Zonnetje ma Belle v't Hangijzer CD HT ties for #1 Top Producer!  Briarlea Sir Riley Bear, CD, RE ranked #5 in obedience, Briarlea's Mister Norbu, MX, MXJ ranked #4 in agility (total defeated) and of course was #1 Bouvier at the AKC Eukanuba Agility Invitational.  Not to be outdone, our Briarlea Lark of High Rolls CD PT TD was #1 Herding Bouvier and #9 Herding Dog in Canada!
March - Terry Culley writes that Briarlea North Star Dixie has added JWW to her name!  Go Riker!!
March 10 - Pam finishes Cutter's Rally Advanced and Rytar's Rally Novice titles with scores of 95 and 91!
February 2 - Maggie Bennett and Breeze qualify for their first two legs in Rally Novice with a second place win on Saturday's first trial.
January 27: Lynn Beihl and Rocket qualify for their first leg in Utility out of the Open A class!
January 27:  Pam Harder qualifies for Cutter's first 2 legs in Rally Advanced and Rytar's first 2 legs in Rally Novice from the B class!