You can watch this Rottweiler video to see how we are taping Nola's ears:

Before, with her ears shaved down:


  riaears2.jpg (53660 bytes) 


 Ria van Elven of Bouvier Topline Kennels in the Netherlands suggests this method:

I will try to help and I also send you I picture so you can see what I mean. It always happens with bouvier puppies that the ears are not hanging in the right position at a certain age, most of the time it happens when they are changing teeth, so I think you better can wait for some weeks before taping, because if you tape them now you have to do it again after a month or so. We always do it (if necessary) when our puppies are 3-3,5 months old. 
Here is what we do: we put tape  on the inside and outside of the ear to make it a bit stabile, the tape is longer then the ear, about 1 inch, we make a little hole in the tape and tie a band under the jaw against his neck, not too tight or too loose, the band must be elastic. The ears must be tight against his head now, otherwise it won't help. Keep it this way for a couple of weeks, but you must check it every day, just sniff in his ears, if it smells bad, you have to untie the band, don't remove the tape, clean the ear and wait until it's o.k. again. After 2 or 3 weeks you check if the ears are hanging tight to his cheeks, if they do it's o.k. Maybe you have to do it again after some time or maybe not. I hope you understand what I mean and if you have more question don't hesitate to ask me.
Here is a picture from one of our adult dogs, so you can see how the ears are, the ear may not fold in. We never used foam inside of the ear but maybe it's an idea, I don't know.